Should I make another RM2K game?

Seems pretty self-explanatory.

Truth be told I’m bored out of my skull - I play my 360 like 5 hours every day, seems like a huge waste of time but I don’t really have much else to do, at least not for another two years and four months or so.

I can’t believe there’s still a huge community for this… I looked at RPGMaker XP, I’m not sure how well the 640x480 format would work though, given that most of the resources are designed for low-res 320x240 screen modes.

Anyway, comments?

Man… I’m scrounging for a few spare hours and here’s you with nothing to do. >-) If you’re really that bored, maybe you can help around the FFCompendium? Although I’m not sure if that’s really up your alley.

I enjoyed your last RPGM2K offering. I doubt I’d have time to play anything new you make, though. 8-(

I used to tinker with RPG Makers a lot, and 2k is still my favorate one, simply beacause it has a lot more customization options than 2k3 orXP, even if it has fewer bells and whistles. It’s a pain finding/making decent custom battle sprites for 2k3, let alone anything custom at all for XP.

I say go for it. You do amazin’ work, though I confess I never got around to finishing Dragon Destiny. I should redownload it one of these days.

Hey man, I’ve got time to kill, where can I get your first game?

Another? The first one was finished?

GG: could you mind explaining exactly how you differentiate “customization options” from “bells and whistles”? Because as far as I could tell, 2k3 had the exact same set of options as 2k, in addition to others (such as selecting what menu items are available, and so on) …

RPGM2K XP? C’mon man…try your l33t skillz with something else.

Yes. I remember in the old days , you had quite the following.

2k3 does have a lot of features I like, such as the much higher numbers for HP/stats/damage/etc. I mainly meant that a lot of graphics for 2k are readily availible, whereas things like the aforementioned battle sprites? Unless you happen to be a graphic artist yourself, custom battle sprites are very few. That alone seriously limits your options. If 2k3 had the option to do without such things, I would honestly like it a lot better.

I’ve also always kind of prefered turn-based combat to real-time combat, but that’s just a personal thing.

O.H.R.RPG.C.E 4 lyfe, mon!

You’ve bothered finding good rpgs for the hamster system? Share the love, please.

Rast, sure do.

Ahh, Dragon’s Destiny. One of the rare, compelted, RPGMaker2k games. Good times.

Almost making me nostalgic enough to work on Final Fallacy again. Almost.

Anyway, I’d love to see what you could come up with now, with all your previous experience behind you. RPGMakerXP is a slightly more appealing option due to being, y’know, legal. But since when have most RPGmakers ever cared about that? XD

Yesh! Do it. I’ve never seen such complex rm2k- scripting in my life. Write some for me while you’re at it. xD And while I know you make everything yourself, you might have seen how the abundance of resources on the net grew massively, especially concerning graphics. o.o