Should I hope? Virtual Console -N64

Nintendo seems to be sluggish adding N64 games to the list, perhaps they are waiting to milk SNES games first? Actually there are two games I’d like to replay: Mischief Makers which was awesome and Zelda: MM which will sometime be added. Treasure has DS and GBA games, so should I hope?

That game was teh awesome.

Japan is getting Paper Mario next month. I can only hope that the states won’t be far behind.

I was really hoping Paper Mario would be this month - My bro is going home next week, and the Wii is his…oh well. At least I got to play Super Paper Mario.

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I want :frowning:

Nintendo is being sort of slow in general in releasing VC games. Like a lot of the games are nothing sort of games and ones that there isn’t a point in releasing.

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I want :([/i]

Don’t we all :frowning:

Ooh. Now that looks fairly tasty.

There’s probably a few factors to the slow N64 additions. One being it has a smaller overall library compared to the NES and SNES (perhaps not proportionally so when compared to the releases, but still smaller). The size of the games is another issue, filling your Wii up with N64 titles would get it crowded real quick. There’s also probably fewer 3rd parties on board that are currently actively releasing VC games at the moment and they all want to see how demand goes first.

Rare is also a big mystery at the moment. We’ve gotten the Donkey Kong Country games, but they star Nintendo Mascots so this was probably fine. It’s unknown, though, how Rare’s other N64 games will be handled, if at all.

I’m personally holding out hope that we’ll get Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon and Goemon’s Great Adventure, epsecially since the SNES Mystical Ninja game has come out. Unfortunately the N64 Goemon games use the Memory Pak Controller add-on, and if Mario Kart 64 is any indication the Memory Pak doesn’t work with the Virtual Console, making saving in those games impossible (unless either the game is modified or the VC software is updated to support them). It’d be a shame if we miss them, they were both really good games.

There’s also very few A+ titles on the N64 to begin with. SO we could go through all the good games in about three months and for the remainder of the Wii’s life it’s going to be games of Quest 64 quality or less (Anyone looking forward to Gex?), or we could just wait for them to come out at their own leisurely pace while we hope that games like Golden Eye, SW Rogue Squadron, and Wave Race 64 will come before the next generation.

Btw, the games that I wouldn’t mind seeing would be (Along with some of the ones mentioned above.) Mega Man 64 (aka Legends), and maybe SRW 64 (Provided that it’s both compairable to the other games in the series, and it’s not hindered by some kind of system requirements. Though, I think it does.)