Should I Buy?

I found some old games and I would like to know your guys opinions on if I should buy them or not.

Secret of Evermore $15 Super Nintendo
Illusion of Gaia $13 (There was actually 3 copies) Super Nintendo
Donkey Kong $10 Game Boy
Ogre Battle 64 $30 N64
Dragon Warrior 1+2 $13 Game Boy
Kirby’s Dream Land $10 Game Boy

Donkey Kong is a great buy. I’m pretty sure that’s the one that introduced the triple jump and 60+ more levels. Kirby’s Dream land is pretty fun. I haven’t played any others, but if you see Platoon or Tiger-Heli for the NES they are great games. Or at least they were.

No to all except Ogre Battle 64 , iff you are an Ogre Battle fan.

I second both Ogre Battle and Donkey Kong.

It’s hard for me to recommend KDL though as it’'s very old and rather short, and I think it’s been remade into other Kirby games as well (but then again $10 bucks isn’t that bad).

Illusion of Gaia aka Soul Blazer 2, if you liked either Soul Blazer or Terranigma then you might get some enjoyment out of this game too. And as an FYI the game is very story heavy and is very linear, even more so than FFX or very much like Grandia 2, in that there are several points of no return you’ll have to cross during the game (though it’s not as punishing after the halfway point) and if you’re trying to complete the game’s only sidequest (which involves collecting 50 red jewels) you’re going to be screwed if you miss even one (and some are incredibly hard to find too like the third one). It can also be rather difficult at times due to tough boss fights as well as limited healing items and inventory space. The game’s story however does make the game worth playing through at least once. So it’s your call.

Secret of Evermore is tough to recommend too. It’s namely a western take on the JRPG/Action Adventure formula explored earlier by Secret of Mana (but without the multiplayer), but it’s got a few holdups though. First is that it doesn’t really take itself seriously enough to tell a good story so don’t expect one. Second it barrows a bit too much from the SoM playbook for it’s own good misusing the proficiency weapon and magic (or in this case alchemy) level system. And with some game breaking bugs plaguing the game near the end it isn’t very easy to recommend this game.

As for Dragon Quests 1 & 2 if you enjoy old school rpging you could get them now, but with SE set to milk down mode (especially for its earliest games which between both SquareSoft and Enix happens to be Dragon Quest 1) I can’t guarantee that they won’t announce a remake DQs 1 & 2 & possibly another game tomorrow.

But that just my opinion.

If you like Ogre Battle games, Ogre Battle 64 is great. Otherwise, unless you like having the actual cartridges, you’re probably better off forgetting the rest.

I loved Illusion of Gaia, so a definite yes on that. KDL is nice but the later games are better. Secret of Evermore isn’t for everyone… if you liked Secret of Mana you may want to give it a shot.

What no one here is acknowledging is the fact that these CARTRIGDGES require BATTERIES that must be replaced at NINTENDO. All these games are really old, even OB64 and so their reliability is highly questionable. That’s on top of the fact that the systems they’re on themselves are very old and their reliability is questionable. If you could emulate OB64, I’d say no to OB64 but you can’t, so I’m only recommending it because the OB series is a niche series and so if and only if you are part of that niche, you should play it while you can. Everything else can be emulated safely.

Buying any of these old carts so they can accumulate dust on a shelf or in a box on a shelf is a stupid waste of money for you. Donate that money to some charity that can at least pretend to do something good with it and not some company.

To a degree you’re right Sin. I wouldn’t recommend getting any of these games if you don’t have a system to play them with. I will also agree that you may want to be wary of certain technologies that were made under a questionable design (like all but the basic Playstation and PS2 Memory Cards) That said, I’ve yet to have any major problems with any of the afore mentioned games (though I don’t actually own a copy of SoE and GBC DQs 1+2). In fact even my copy of the Original Zelda has yet to fail on me and considering that it was the first game to have a built in battery I suspect you may get a few good years out of them.

So if you have at least a working Super NES, N64, and GBA then you should be fine.

For Pete’s sake, get Ogre Battle.

If the battery sucks, find a memory card and store your data on that.

Is the game complete? Like, with case and manual and stuff? If not, I have a cartridge only I could sell to you for cheaper…

None of the games mentionned support memory cards. Since most SNES games at this point are over 10 year olds, you’re playing the lottery.

I have a decent collection of SNES games, and all of them work fine except for Sim City. That one will give me trouble once in awhile but not usually.

Maybe I’m just lucky.

My copy of Super Metroid occasionally loses all of it’s data, but other than that, all my games have worked fine, too. Do we know what is SUPPOSED to be the average life of a SNES battery?

All depends if you are a collector. Evermore is really the only one I couldn’t exactly recommend getting, but other than that everything else is great if you want to reminisce and have a physical object of some value.

Dust. Shelf. No value. Collecting these things is like paying to advertise your virginity.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I bought Ogre Battle 64. I’m a RPG fan so I thought I’d give it a try. I’m a little worried about the battery, but I never experienced any problems with my super nintendo and n64 games so far. I’m still iffy on Secret of Evermore and Donkey Kong. I might get them later (if they aren’t sold anytime soon).

Edit: What was Illusion of Gaia’s storyline like? I tend to favor games with good stories.

Illusion of Gaia is an excellent game that I heartily recommend for emulation. It was a classic on SNES. You’re a boy, Will, who gets taken up in a series of events basically. You end up exploring a ruin, then seeing your friend in a castle and you just fall in over your head. You then spend the rest of the game with your friends trying to go back home. It was an interesting game because it is not a stereotypically happy game. Some of your friends die and they make decisions as they go.

Gameplay wise you alternate between Will and other forms like Freedan and the Shadow as you interact with Gaia in dark space. You enter dark space in your travels and its your way to be able to gain powers to defeat the monsters of the dungeons you’re in.

Donkey Kong on the Game Boy is a cracking buy if it is indeed the 1994 version with 100-ish levels. Great fun, tons of replay value.

Illusion fo Gaia wins for having one of the most graphic scenes of a man burning to death I could ever imagine.

Originally Posted by Valkyrie Esker
Illusion fo Gaia wins for having one of the most graphic scenes of a man burning to death I could ever imagine.

[SPOILER]Also for having one of the most graphic scenes of a pig burning to death I could ever imagine without going to a BBQ.

Best Tragic Death Scene Evar!![/SPOILER]

Man , your inner child would die at playing HL2, VE :stuck_out_tongue: