shooting sports

anyone else here shoot? for fun or competition it doesn’t matter. i shoot bow (compound, 55 lbs.), shotgun (12 gauge), .22 field rifle, muzzleloader, for county level competition, as well as state, and just for fun. muzzleloader is a bit hard-core cuz you gotta clean the thing after evry 2 or 3 shots. a bit annoying, but fun all the same. a friend of mine says she shoots “anything with a trigger or a bowstring, any animal that has a season…and some that don’t.” anyways, does anyone else shoot?

I once shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.

I’ll occasionally go to the firing range and empty some clips, but I don’t do any kind of competitions.

I don’t like to hunt, so I don’t do that. I don’t see the challenge in it.

I am a very good shot, if I do say so myself.

EDIT: Oh, I usually stick to firing off handguns. They’re the most fun.

I used to play a lot of goldeneye. The Klobb was a pretty horrible gun.

I like to rattle off a few shots of a BFG every now and then.

yah, my dad and i both hate it. piece of craps more of a noise maker than an actual gun. though i’m not sure goldeneye is a shooting sport…

I fired off a Tec-9 once. That was rediculously fun.

Especially since it was modded for full-auto.

one of my dad’s friends has an AR-15 that he let us shoot. that was a lot of fun, but the thing kicked like mo other.

Assault rifles are fun.

one guy my dad went to high school with either has or had and M-16 that could do single, three round burst and, if he tweaked it right, full auto. he also had an M-60 at one point, but i don’t think he has it anymore. he used to buy tracers for them and shoot them off into his cornfield.

Yeah, you can modify certain rifles/semi-automatic weapons to become fully automatic.

That is very illegal though, and can get you into some deep shit.

That Tec-9 I got to try was modified like that, but those are illegal in the first place.

shooting illegal firearms is another way to say having fun.

I’ve fired off a 30.06, a scoped 9mm rifle (i’m not kidding), and a shotgun, I forget what caliber.
I’m a damn good shot, apparently. :open_mouth:

I guess all those hours of Duck Hunt really paid off.

I am Force to Light Gun games, like duck Hunt or Time Crisis… or outdoor Persuits for Achery. It’s illegal in the UK to Carry, let alone fire, a gun on public Land.

Some UK Local Laws approve of Shooting people at certain times. Current laws try to cover this loophole. Still, Scots you’d best avoid passing wind on the Sabbath in York…

I suppose the flak cannon and rocket launcher from UT2k4 don’t count. :stuck_out_tongue:

@_@ seriously? What do you define as public land over there, land owned by the state (like, a courthouse), or just land owned by someone other than you?

I’m on my schools rifle team. We shoot .177 rifles and were good enought to go the the SECNAV compition in Ft. Bennings, Georgia last Spring. That was way cool. I also go and shoot .22 rifles, 12 guages shotguns, Blackpowder rifles, and archery(and sometimes tomahawk).
I also worked at a camp over the summer as their rifle range instructor. Oh my, that was an experience. Have you ever had a kid turn around with a loaded .22 and say"it’s not working"? Well, lets just say that none of you have ever had a real adrenaline burst until that happens to you.

Some versions of the M16 are have auto naturally (like the M16 and the M16A1).

Come of, the AR-15 is basically a M16 under a different name. The M16 has the smallest kick. Hell, even a 9mm has more kick.

I just shoot when I can which has lately been every other month or so. I shoot the M16, M203, and M240. I’ve shot a 9mm also. I’ve probably shot a couple other things, but I’m blanking right now. I’m only a sharpshooter on the M16, but I should be an expert. My sights got fucked up some how on the rapid fire and I didn’t notice until it was too late so I lost a bunch of easy points.

Guns are pretty much, uh, banned from Holland. I guess there’s no need for vigilante justice when everyone is too shitfaced to do anything.