Shooting at Virginia Tech

I know a lot of people vaguely related to the Columbine Shooting, but I’m from the school district columbine was in, so that’s not exactly surprising.
As for knowing someone from this, the Romanian guy who stood in the doorway and took bullets while the class escaped was a holocaust speaker at my elementary or middle school once.

May all the people killed rest in peace. And Cho Seung-Hui you rest in peace too. You died for our sins, and you made sure we knew it.

Wow, this has really opened people up I guess. Today at school a lot people went home early because someone found a “hit list” in the trash (I think that’s where. You can’t trust rumors.). I’ve heard some other things too, but none worth mentioning.

The guy was picked on, he snapped, people died. That’s what happened. Not everyone reacts in such a volatile manner to stress, but not all people are the same. He’s not a martyr, he was a guy who didn’t fit in well and got singled out for it, got fed up and flushed his life and a bunch of other people’s lives down the shitter.

Which is exactly why I heartily suggest treating everyone like you would treat yourself: Respect… or at least, pretend so. Of course, if you lack self-confidence…

Don’t go around cutting people.

I tend to hate it quite a lot when I snap at times. Enough to hate myself more than the million reasons that lead to said snapping keep me at… reasonable moods.

You have to respect the man… Poor guy also was a holocaust survivor.

By the way, after all the PC hysterics I was really surprised when I read Cho’s whole class once started chanting to the guy “Go back to China” without anyone batting an eyelid. I mean, wtf?

True story. The first I heard about this was when my dad told my mom that the shooter was “Chinese”, as if that somehow explained it. -_-

He’s Asian. His sister is at Princeton. He’s at Virginia Tech getting an ENGLISH degree. Stereotypes would dictate that he’s a disgrace. >.>

I dunno a 32:1 k:d ratio is really good so maybe he thought that’d make up for the disgrace.

Not to mention that his plays are simply horrible. There’s absolutely no subtlety, his characters are either one or two dimensional, and the plot is simply terrible. Not only that, violence is violence. It doesn’t mean anything in his plays.

I blame Shakespeare for this murder spree. The terrible agon with the Swan was simply too much for the author of Richard McBeef, and Hamlet’s way out was all there was.

We(=I) shouldn’t have heard about this.

Dunno if this has been brought up yet, but Jack Thompson has been called a ‘Massacre Chaser’ recently, regarding the VA Tech.

You can see his hilarious indignation here, at the end of the video.

I was ready to believe that Richard McBeef was fabricated after seeing the SomethingAwful article. Oh how I was mistaken.

So I heard on the radio the other day that a few days after the shooting, some high school kid had just got a new yearbook and was looking through it with his friends and was pointing out various things about different people, like “he’s cool” or “what a skank”…You can probably see where this is going. Someone thought he was going through a hit list or something, and half the student body was absent the next day.

The kid got expelled from school indefinitely. It’s his senior year, too. The cops showed up to search his house but they didn’t find anything–not even a violent video game.

Maybe I heard a one-sided version of the story, but if not…


Yeah, if that’s true, this is exactly why people in favor of zero-tolerance laws need to be shot. As if nobody’s ever written comments expressing their opinions in a yearbook before.

Its funny, people try to find commonalities between massacre psychos to identify them. They come up with stuff like “quiet loner”, “troubled”, “likes videogames”. Yet, they fail to see the one overwhelming similarity - they all expressed explicit violent fantasies, through writing or talking to a friend. So I think those kinds of fantasies should be examined, and only at extreme discretion. But leave everyone else alone.

Some people write explicit violence in their works and they don’t go out on a murdering spree. I think that you’re missing a key distinction: they might write about terribly gruesome things, but it will usually also have absolutely no meaning or humor in it. By your definition you would have Burgess and Tarentino “examined.”

That’s a good point. But I guess you have to combine warning signs - for instance, Tarantino had a job, and friends, and a life, while he was working on his scripts. People would say he was weird but not a psychopath.

Apparently, Shakespeare would have been imprisoned if he were a modern high school or college student. And Homer would have been drawn and quartered.