Shootfighter Tekken

A Shootfighter Tekken thread, because I can, and because the series made us cringe more than Ninja Scroll ever did. Seriously, extremely violent and bloody, with a plotline that makes not a lot of sense, and with more muscular deformities than should ever exist.

If you’re a fan of absolutely brainless anime, get this right this instant. You’ll seriously enjoy it.

Is it more brainless than Fist of the North Star?

Actually, Fist of the North Star included some sort of a context - a post apocalyptic future - and thus, had a minimum of a story.

Basically, it’s about Keiichi Miyazawa, who’s the sucesssor to the Nan-Shin Shadow Style, and basically, he trains in weird ways, beats people up in extremely gruesome fashions. It’s cool in a “HE TOTALLY KNOCKED THAT GUY’S TEETH CLEAN OFF!” way.