Shojo X-men

I can’t unsee it. :frowning:

Prettyboy Wolverine and Magneto, WRY!

Not the first “Manga” X-Men I have seen. But the first that seems to really put some effort into the style.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO-although Marvel Girl looks alrig-oh what the hell am I saying-OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Why the hell did they mangle Wolverine when they could’ve easily sacrificed Cyclops instead. (especially since nobody cares about him to begin with)

Sadly I don’t think there was any hope for Magneto. Also I am NOT looking forward to seeing Xavier Shojo-fied.

Edit: Having managed to brave the site once more I noticed both some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Wolverine isn’t going to be featured in the X-men Shojo. The Bad news is that he’s getting featured in his own Shonen series instead. Ugh!

I don’t see why you guys are so upset. I mean, could be worse. Could be furries.

But Wolverine would be a half-furry if it weren’t for his canadian badass factor! Those aren’t horns! WHERE IS HIS ETERNA-STUBBLE!?

And Magneto looks like he could pull a cravat out any time, point his finger and yell out “OBJECTION!”

Ha ha ha, that’s a joke! X-men:The Final Fantasy :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys have seen mainstream Marvel costumes, right?

And you’re complaining about this?

They’re so pretty! I feel prettier just for clicking!

You mean the black and yellow spandex, right?

Well, before the Green Lanterns got rid of the yellow impurity in their rings, they needed some sort of a defense against the intergalactic ringmen, should there ever be a crossover… >_>

I might actually check this out, since most current American superhero comics, including the regular X-Men, are all either “All Badass and no substance” (Marvel) or “Death is the solution to any problem!” (DC). I’m actually liking Naruto and One Piece better.

Besides, they look so cute! :hahaha;

I’m not liking modern Marvel too much, myself, but I have to say that Dr. Strange and Night Nurse getting together is still the best moment in comics, ever.

Originally Posted Arac
I have to say that Dr. Strange and Night Nurse getting together is still the best moment in comics, ever.

Better than Dr. Strange going “STRANGE SMASH!!!” on the Hulk’s ass in the World War Hulk?

…Magneto looks like what would happen if Alucard cut his hair and cos-played at a comic convention.

Yeah, I’d have to say. I mean, pretty much everything Strange does is great.

Although, reading the new Thor series today, I have to say that “Walk,” surpassed it.

The problem with Doctor Strange is that modern writers don’t know how to handle him. They either use him as a Deus Ex Machina (showing up in stories just to fix everything) or the reverse, show him as unable to help for one reason or another (he spent the Marvel Civil War “meditating!”)

That’s not so much a problem of modern writers as it is a problem of character growth. Doctor Strange started out quite powerful, and as he’s grown in power over the years and learned new spells, he’s essentially reached auto-win power levels most of the time. Writers then need to find a way to weaken him (the super-powerful Sentry’s shattered psyche, for example), such as his moral compunction not to just magically control the minds of the Pro-registration side into agreeing with him. Some less silly ways than having him just not take a side, Uatu style, include the Hulk breaking his hands so he couldn’t cast spells, and him getting himself impaled on a katana unexpectedly in New Avengers, forcing him to use most of his magical force to keep himself alive.
This makes him either one extreme or the other in situations of combat. Outside of combat, though, he’s awesome, as a character. Like how he was Bogey from Casablanca in the spell that showed peoples’ true natures, and just keeps on being Doctor Strange without any regard to Spiderman’s puns.

Wanna see Strange used well?

Go read Mavel1602.

Scratch that, just go read it, okay? Okay.