Remember our buddy Shayne? Look on the newly made fifth chapter of his story. He’s got a few things to say to us. I advise you respond to him. :stuck_out_tongue:

So tune in next time for…WHEN FFNET LAMERS ATTACK!

Ow. Ie.

Dumb shit didn’t even read my profile right, I never said anything about swinging a sword around. Ye gads I would love to kick his ass.

<img src=“”> You’re all idiots.


Actually, hold your horses. I think that the best thing would be NOT to give him any comments at all, I was about to but thought differently. Let him get reviews from others than us - I doubt he’ll get any at all, and no good ones. Let’s not degrade ourselves to a war against that moron. Getting nothing will in a way sting a lot more than flames, and we still keep our pride.

Well, I’m not commenting anything there…
I couldn’t even read the first chapter (I could barely stand crolling past it)…

Another idiotic author on, that can’t take a bit of constructive critisms. How many does that make that now, then?

Too many -_-;;

Some people get the wrong idea on constructive critisism. I like giving it out on my other forum (where there are _insanely_bad_writers) and people get offended and I get scolded saying that I may get banned.

But you must RESPECT THEIR HURTABLE, FRAGILE FEELINGS, Eva! hands over a hammer when nobody’s watching

How about their bodies. IT that alright to hurt?

If it is, you wan’ me to break his fingers?

Their bodies shall be fed to the most gruesome monsters ever created! :mwahaha:

Originally posted by StarStorm
[b]How about their bodies. IT that alright to hurt?

If it is, you wan’ me to break his fingers? [/b]

Yeah but like Omega says, they don’t use their fingers, they just karate chop the keyboard.

So you’ll have to break their whole arms, and their legs too, just to make sure they don’t try using them instead.

Or thier head, so they dont’ headbang it.

wanders by in gollum mode
I could ask Bishie for advice…
Bishie has been called “evil”, Bishie knows what to do…
wanders of mumbling about the <strike>precious</strike> Bishie

I reviewed it once, I’m not going to waste more intelligence on him. Besides, I’m satisfied with the combination of insults and advice I gave.
What I find almost funny is how the review section turned a little into a message thread.

Come on guys, bashing him and calling him a bad writer (true as it may be) isn’t going to make your dicks 6 sizes larger or make you popular. Actual helpful advice like what Weilla or Demigod posted (not "You suck at writing) would be nice.

Yeah, I’m with cless here.
I put my two cents in.

If someone says “A penny for your thoughts,” and you put your two cents in, where does the other penny go?