Metroid or FF:CC? I dont know what to do! FF comes out like I think 2 days after Metroid. So Metroid comes out first, so I’m leaning towards that. Cuz I’m an impatient fuck! I dont know if I would have anyone to play with on FF though… cuz I have no friends and I suck!!! What should I do? What should I do…

<img src=“”> FF:CC is very tailored towards multiplayer. While it is still a good game in singleplayer, though not nearly as good as multiplayer, it’s not really meant as a singleplayer game. If you don’t have any people that you know will play will you, pick up Metroid instead. The remake has a lot of new stuff.

I’d say metroid.

Where do you live Charlemagne? Pick up FF:CC and I’ll come over to your place and play with ya… :cool:

Where do YOU live?

Toronto, Scarborough. I preordered my FF:CC at EB for 20 buckz~ I even got a GBA link cable for free!!

I live in The United States of Oppression… so yeah…


From GameRankings:

Metroid: Zero Mission = 93.8%

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicals = 80.7%

I’d say Metroid, but I’m a total Metroid fanboy, so don;t take my word. :hahaha;

I probobly won’t get FFCC.

Get Metroid, con a friend into getting FFCC.

Yar has the right idea. Get Metroid, leave others to pick up multiplayer games. :smiley:

Yep, get Metroid first. Save up for FF:CC or wait until a friend buys it.

What kind of game do you feel the most like playing? They’re two very different games.
At least they were the last time I checked.

Originally posted by Yar Kramer
Get Metroid, con a friend into getting FFCC.
You werent listening. The only friends I have are dead bodies I’ve propped in a chair. They cant play video games!

Did you rob them for all their money?

Originally posted by Cala
Did you rob them for all their money?

You could also sell them and there clothes ( or just clothes) for money.

Also, make them sit on the floor, sell the chairs. They’re dead, they dont care where they sit.

I’d say Metroid because FF:CC depends on multiplayer too much.

You could run an electrical current through those bodies so at least they’ll twitch, but I don’t think they’ll be very good at games.

If you have no friends and you suck, I’d say Metroid. FF:CC is more geared towards mulitplayer. It’s probably going similar to Phantasy Star online…in that online/multiplayer it’s fun, but offline/single play sucks. Plus I heard FF:CC isn’t all that.

Except with PSO for GameCube and X-box you can play 4-player split-screen. And on X-box, I believe you can do 4-player Live.