Shit like this is why I'm happy I'm moving back,12271,1353715,00.html

Christ. Turning the CIA into a propaganda machine to tell Bush what he wants to hear. Just what we all need :smiley:

Remind me: moving back where?

I told you already:

Canada needs you!

I applied for early decision MD PhD at McGill in September and I got in. I’m starting this Fall, but I may move this January if I get a job.

I heard them read this quote on NPR this morning, and literally spit out my Orange Juice.

“to support the Bush administration and its policies in our work”

>_>;; That does explain alot about the recent standard of intelligence though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is beginning to remind me a lot of the Cold War documentaries… what’s next, another Un-American Activities Commission?

I’m glad I live in Norway, and not in the USA. We barely have any intelligence services.