shining force stuff


im cait sith the newbie
i was wondering if any one out there has been able to get all the characters on shining force. if u have please tell me.:moogle:

I have. I used to include all the centaurs in my party since they are real ass kickers.

when I used to play it, I always found the werewolf and the dragon got way weaker after being promoted.

my pary normaly consisted of prinsess anri,ken,that floating egg thing(i cant remember all the names ull hafta guess),the war wolf,arthur,that pink hair mage,that armadillo in the robot,adam,the healer,and gong. there are more but but i cant remember em all. :hahaha;

so how did u get all the characters:moogle:

You shouldn’t promote chasracters as soon as they hit Level 10. Wait for level 13-15, maybe even higher. For Bleu, make it about 20 and he’ll rock.


but that still dosent tell me how to get all the characters.:moogle: :moogle: :moogle: :moogle:
yes dance moogles dance