Shining Force II question [spoilers ahead]

I just got Lemon, but i can’t seem to equip him with any weapon at all. When i try to equip him with a weapon it doesn’t stay equiped :S

According to the shrine, he should be able to equip swords and axes. Does anyone have any ideas on this one?

According to my bro (who knows the game pretty well), he says Lemon can’t equip anything but the Dark Sword because he is under a terrible curse. To remove this curse, go to a church in any town. After that, you should be able to equip him normally.

This might not be the case though, so let me know what happens. Maybe it’s a rare glitch?

I can’t equip him with any weapon (including the dark sword). I can equip him with rings though.
I tried taking him to a priest but he says Lemon isn’t cursed.

If everybody else seems to be able to equip Lemon, then it probably is some kind of glitch…

Just figured it out; it IS a glitch, a common one no less. Check out this link.

I’m pretty sure this is the problem. You’ll have to download GenEdit (I think it’s for Genecyst users, but I’m not sure).

Oh…that’s what it is. Thanks for looking it up for me Dalton. I’m not using GeneCyst but at least i know what’s wrong now.

No problem. 8)

That would probably explain why we’ve never run into that problem here. My bro always uses Genecyst, and we’ve never seen the glitch.

Oh, while we’re on the topic, maybe you can help me out. Do you know what the difference between difficulty levels in Shining Force 2 is? My bro wants to play on “Ouch!” difficulty, and we want to see if it’s really worth it. If all it is is a lowering of stats or a level cap or something, then it’s not worth it. If there is improved AI or something, then it is worth it.

I don’t know, this is my first time playing it (doing it in hard mode). Maybe you can check that at gamefaqs? Or, you can always play the first battles and try to figure it out yourself.

I’m using Gens by the way.