Shift Key now considered illegal


Well, it’s not the shift key itself - It’s just using the shift key to prevent autoboot of a CD which is now illegal. Wooh.

You gotta LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the DMCA. Really. It makes so much sense. Yeah.

Oh, fuck them. Even if this goes through nobody will care.

Short rely: This is bullshit.

Long reply: This is bullshit, and I don’t think that could be stopped anyways. Meh.

Can they inforce that?

There was one state that made X-Mas illegal.
Yes they can inforce that.

Will people care?
As far as I know they’re stil celebrating X-Mas…
No they won’t care.

ROMs are illegal…
Do people have ROMS anyway?
Do they care that it’s illegal?

They can make all kinds of weird laws, but they can’t make people follow the laws that are stupid and impossible to know if anyone is breaking or not…

…rrrrrrright. And how they are gonna control which keys you press? oO; Idiotic. Simply.

typically american… that company screws up and someone uses that screw-up and they get s(cr)ewed

The shift key…God’s gift to piraters.

But, seriously, that’s pretty dumb of the DMCA. Now we can’t use the shift key, because it can exploit a flaw in Windows and get past copy protection.

Bah, I just disabled autorun anyway. No shift key required. In fact, I’ve had it disabled since before I heard of this because I was SICK OF CD’S PULLING CRAP THE INSTANT I INSERTED THEM.

Wait a minute…

checks to make sure auto-run still disabled

Quick! Halt all production of keyboards and create a new brand with no Shift Keys! And make a new version of Windows that crashes, deletes the hard drive, and makes the monitor explode whenever a keyboard with a shift key is detected! WE MUST STOP COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!
::dekar!:: ::dekar!:: ::dekar!::

you can use the shift key to download stuff??? Cool… hee… I’m going to go have fun now…bai-bai

Okay, de idea of makin’ da Shift key illegal is TOTAL crap. In fact, it’s wholely crap.

Sometimes attempting to enforce laws results in utterly ridiculous results. This is an example of that.

Originally posted by Dark Paladin
Can they inforce that?

Nope. They can try to enforce it though. [badum-tish]

This is crap. If they don’t want this to be know, next time they should design better protection. -__-’

Idiots, they are all moronic idiots!! Trying to make the Shift key illegal, is just plain dumb.

What’s the point in even trying to stop people using theshift key? Now it’s out everyone’ll do it

I love the fact that the company considers itself a victim basically due to a shift key. I understand their reasoning behind it all, but this is just silly. I would love to see the court hearings on this one.

so now i have a reason for not typing with capital letters… yeay.

::in a Dr Evil voice::


hits the shift key


oh my, i just held the shift key there


starts singing fiona apple style

I’ve been a bad bad girl…

hits shift key again, just to prove she’s baaaaaad