Because it rocks so, so hard. I just want to see what the rest of you think, and whether or not disliking Shell is reason enough for murder.

… so vote already.


Edit: It seems some people don’t recall what Shell is. I am disapointed. Shell is the opening theme song from Witch Hunter Robin.

That is all.

It’s always fun shaming humanity with my being.

It’s okay, I still love you. But Jiharn… ; ;


Shell what?

You guys are fucking idiots! Shell is the best song ever! I can even play it on guitar! Then again, it’s only 4 or so chords over and over >>;

I like it, but it isn’t the greatest song to me. Gets old after awhile.

There’s no ‘I am apathetic to Shell and listen to better alternative musical ecstasy’ option. :frowning:

Shell is pretty sweet.

That’s because there is no better musical ecstasy love. =( Thanks for playing though. ^^


What the hell is Witch Hunter Robin?

Only one of the greatest anime ever.

Shell reduces magic damage.


So? You fail at life. At L I F E.

Please insert a 25 cent coin to play again.


Yeah well your mother was a whore and your father was a babykiller.


Yes I learned well for them. Nice to see you noticed. =)



You missed the perfect chance to use one of Pierson’s pics against him. You could have used this one.

Yes, but his pictures are stupid. =\

They aren’t witty or funny like TD’s… and they are also over used. I don’t see why you’d want to use it aganst him anyways, Person is a very nice young man with a bright future unlike so many of the stagnent minds who visit here.


Shell, the gas station?

I derive sexual pleasure from it.