Shatner: Has Been

a most wonderful record. i recommend that everyone purchase it.

Sorry, Captin Kirk Singing Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds tell me to STAY AWAY!!

Big Nutter
Wha… It’s not on that CD… Oh right…

No, Shatner singing Rocket Man was way worse.

I wouldn’t know. I’ve never heard it only 10 Secs of Beatles recking Cover as placed Captin Kirk’s Pop Career and Null and Void.

Big Nutter
The Offical UK Star Trek Mag has a mention of his new CD


has been is his new record. it has only one cover, of pulp’s “common people”.

Funny that Shatner’s Album would boast “Has Been” as a title. How Appropriate.

That’s only my opinion.

its not like he titled it Has Been unknowingly…

Still consider this, how many other celebrities from 1966 are still around?

You mean ones that have to turn down work… Not from Star Trek… nope.

Big Nutter