Sharing is wrong!


I apologize if its old news.

Uhm… this is VERY OLD.

Yeah, I think I heard about this a week or so ago, but yeah thats getting out of control. The little girl probably had no idea that she was doing something wrong. Poor girl, I hope things work out.

I thought it might be old… but I only just saw it, sorry.

The only way anythign with the RIAA could work out is with an army of mercs with AK-47s. And to nuke the HQ. And to kill anyone who tries to start it again.

<img src=“”> Old? OLD? Christ man, she already settled out :stuck_out_tongue:

Kazaa and others like it are unstoppable. What are they gonna do? Sue 50,000,000 people? I doubt it.

They just did it to send a message to the public to make it seem like they’re so tough and that they wont hold any restrictions, regarding age.

It’s very, very old.
And sharing isn’t wrong, sharing copyrighted material is.

The best way to kill illegal p2p shares is to provide legal alternatives, like iTunes. Most people are good and lawful, and will choose the legal alternative. Right now the alternative for most people is expensive records with maybe one song people would like to buy: Not really an alternative at all.

I think that as long as the RIAA actually does have legal right to all of the things that they claim to have legal right to, they have nothing to fear from illegal p2p sharing.

I swear if they ever take me to court, ill just go to jail rather than paying those greedy jackasses…