Shameless Plug


Follow this link to an online RPG that a good friend of mine started today…I promised that I’d plug it for him. :hahaha;

Go in and poke around a bit, and if you like what you see, then join up.

Sounds cool from what I saw, I might join if I have time

Online, eh? Hmm … I’ll possibly think about this …

I got a couple “Plugin request” errors…tell your friend to check his coding. And tell him to abandon Geocities while he’s at it. And he desperately needs proofreading.

Online RPG…Suppose I’ll have to try it :hyperven:

Originally posted by Doober
Online RPG…Suppose I’ll have to try it :hyperven:

I crumble before your superior logic.

Hope you don’t mind the small necropost, but I owe it to this guy to bump this at least once. :hahaha;

Well, if that was a shameless plug, then this is me shamelessly not giving a shit.

Wait for it…