Shameless pimping.

If you’re reading this thread, it’s because the title has attracted your gaze and my job is done, but keep reading, you might be interested. port 1989

Wondering what the heck the address above is? It’s a MUSH, Multiuser Shared Hallucination. Yeah, I know it sounds like some funky drug of some sort but in reality it’s just a big place where people get to roleplay and get together whenever they want due to the great work of the admins that set the place up.

The name: Videoland.

Welcome to Videoland!

    We're a MUSH dedicated to letting you roleplay out the characters

you’ve come to know and love from almost any game you’ve ever played…
with a few exceptions, if they were game characters, they can be played

    Loosely based on the old cartoon show Captain N: The Gamemaster,

we’re centered around a battle for control of Videoland, pitting the
heroic forces of the Gamemasters and the good characters of Videoland
versus the evil forces of Mother Brain, and her own evil Gamemasters.

    The Gamemasters, humans brought through from Earth to Videoland,

are the ‘feature characters’ of the MUSH, but they are far from the center
of it. The games are our focus, from Pong to HALO, and we hope you can
find something you like here.

    We're always taking applications, and our courteous and efficient

staff is here for you.

    Game on!

That was taken from the welcome file, since it’s a far better explanation than I ever could have done about what the place is about, it’s where Mario and Samus can hang out and chill at the bar while listening to a story from Fox McCloud who’s sitting right beside Ken from Street Fighter and Magus, where Ridley can fight against Kirby, where Dr Wily and Sigma can join forces against Sonic the Hedgehog, where Simon Belmont can end up fighting Bowser, and the list can go on and on. It’s a place of possibilities, of fun, of a little zanyness but first and foremost, it’s where a neverending story takes place.

Do you want to be a part of it?

And since you’ve managed to read all the way here, I’ve putted images of the various characters played by RPGCers there, try to guess who plays what if you can. PM me if you think you know the answer and post any questions you might have in this thread.

The Heroes:

The Hero of Spielburg
Afgncaap, which stands for Ageless, Faceless, Gender-Neutral, Culturally Ambiguous Adventuring Person
Too big to post this one
Too big as well.

The guy on the left, with the pink Gi, Dan Hibiki! SAIKYOOOO!

The Sinistrals! Amon and Gades are played by people who come here.
Fefnir, from Rockman Zero.
Dalton, Chrono Trigger.

And that’s all of em from the people whom I got the authorisation from, maybe I’ll add more…and as a note, a person can have three characters, so the same person’s name can come up three times.

What drew me to this thread is that I used to have a sticky in the Tower with that exact title.

And looks interesting, I think I’ll go look.

You need a client for it though, or Telnet although I hardly suggest using that.

check for SimpleMU, MUSHClient or MUCKClient, they’re as good as they come (I use SimpleMU)

<img src=“”> Man, I’ve been putting on my reapp for ages now. I remember how fun it was to play Lucca on there. Oh well. In a few weeks, my summer vacation begins, so I’ll write my app then.

I use Gmud and Zmud. I know they’re old, but it’s been ages since I last played something on them. I never played anything other than Merc Muds, but I think I’ll be ok with this one.

Before I go around downloading things to play this, I have one question: What is the interface like? Because I hate Muds, and if it’s like that, i’m so not even trying it:P

Originally posted by Atherelius
Before I go around downloading things to play this, I have one question: What is the interface like? Because I hate Muds, and if it’s like that, i’m so not even trying it:P

Zero said you can use Telnet, so I figure it’s actually a MUD by another name.

Ugh, that’s what I figured. I hope not though, i’m trying to find something else to do with my time.

It’s not a MUD, it’s player to player interaction based, there’s no bunch of random critters running around and shit.

Wow, I didnt know people still mushed…

Well I’m just glad that I don’t have to learn slews of very specific commands. Those always turn me off.

What can I say, it’s fun, and it’s not too hard to learn either.

Can I pimp the only mud/mush/mux I’ve gotten around to playing while I’m here? Actually. I will anyway: MUME. It’s ancient.

It sounds like a nice mush. I largely stick to the one I’m used to though. Text based games confuse me too much.

Uhh… moron help here.

How do I apply for a character/ sign up to play. I got to the right game site, but I can’t get the information I need.

Yeah, I might be interested too. And I, too, am a moron.

Once you manage to log on as a guest, just type ‘news’ without the apostrophes to get a list of the topics, then ‘news topic’ to read about it. Learn a bit of the stuff, theme, info, and once you’re ready check the application form category, fill it out and send it in.

SPAM! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks fun dude… just ain’t got the time to dedicate to it :\

Well normally I don’t subscribe to pimping events, but since it’s SHAMELESS…

I play there too! On the hero side I have Elsa von Spielburg from Quest for Glory. On the villains’ side, I’ve got Neifirst and Mother Brain.

Now you know why I’m not around as much anymore. :slight_smile:

brutally murders the spam

:stuck_out_tongue: jk

Hey, I asked for permission for this…granted it was a while ago, but I asked! NO MURDER FOR YOU!