Shake That Ass!!! (Because we are attention whores)

You may already have noticed it. Eva and I are starting an ass shaking campaign. Ass shaking is a healthy exercise, so if you like working out join us now. If you don’t like exercising, see it as a semi-erotic dance :ah-ha!:

The first basic lesson is on bent shaking. When you feel you’re ready, stand up and put your hands on your kness. Bend over some 45 degress, and without releasing your kness, start shaking up and down or to the sides. Your backbone may complain a little about it, but it’s just untill you get used to it. I’ll lead you into upright, hands-free shaking when you feel confident on your bent shaking skillz ;D

If there were ever a topic destined for quick, painful death, it’d be this one. :stuck_out_tongue:

-Mazrim Taim

Ren you make the whole thing sound like we’re going to bend over and fart!

runs away in embarrassment

That’s a guy for ya :stuck_out_tongue:

<img src=“”> Yeah, I tried to find that pic of the naked Ebisumaru from the Goemon 64 intro, but I couldn’t find it, and N64 graphic emulation seems to be a bit (read: faces on asses) glitchy on this machine.

starts a head shaking contest

Ren, please edit your sig. It’s not entirely appropriate.