Shake it, babe

Wario Land: Shake it seems kinda nice. Another reason for me to buy a Wii this Christmas.

Looks good from what I’ve seen. That was kinda crazy with the youtube video.

Man, I thought this was a Duke Nukem thread.

Heh, unless Duke Nukem does your laundry it’ll probably disappoint. Daikatana ftw.

I’m not terribly curious about the new Wario Land, but if it gathers good reviews I may do the jump.

You choose Daikatana over Duke Nukem? lol

At least it exists :stuck_out_tongue: No, my point was that Daikatana is the definition of an overhyped game that didn’t even come close to being a good game, let alone Romero’s Promised New Masterpiece. And it dragged down Looking Glass :frowning:

Then what are you talking about ‘not existing’? There are like, 5 duke nukem games.

I was talking about Duke Nukem Forever: Codename Vaporware.