Shadowhearts 2 question

currently i’m playing this awesome game, but i’m running into a few problems.

first of all besides a penalty given for missing the zones {on the technical ring} , what exactly is the difference between the normal ring and technical ring? it says its much more powerful, but i see no difference.

is there any reason to use another striking mode besides standard {like high angle, or hard hit} with a char if he’s not using/in a combo?

which forms should i get for yuri?

its a sad cold day in rpgclassics when a rpg question/tip won’t get answered or even commented on. but fighting games and halo 3 will.

I got the info on another forum, thanks for nothing guys. :too bad:

Anytime, hun.

the technical ring is for those who want a little more of a challenge. if you want a bigger challenge do the gamble ring. But that’s pretty much it. Oh yeah the harder the ring the more damage your characters do.