Shadow Of Destiny

Anyone else played this game? I got it back when it came out and was wondering if anyone else played it and thought that it was good.

Yeah, I thought it was alright.

If you can get it for $20 or less, I’d say go for it. :sunglasses: It’s a really neat concept and story and it isn’t too difficult. There isn’t a whole lot of play time though.

What endings did you get?

All of them, eventually. :sunglasses: There’s six plus two “EX” endings.

I have played it, but it was a while ago.

I managed to get most if not all of the endings, I think. But Cid, let me ask you this, which is your favourite ending?

The one where Margarete ends up back in the 20th century. That one tied up the most loose ends. :sunglasses: Although the one where Wagner turned into Eike was the freakiest.