SG Deserves A Thread

I am shocked and appalled that it took this long for one to be made. I am disappointed in all of you.

Happy b-day, SG the Musican.

In honor of your birthday I bought myself a car. You should be so thrilled.

Skankin’ Garbage? He once mixed the X-Men theme with Mix-a-Lot’s ‘I Like Big Butts’. I’ll never forget him for that.

Happy anniversary, dude.

He’s a beatiful man. One of the things in life worth living for. I’d buy him a jar of crickets, that’s for goddamned sure.
Happy Birthday, SG.

He always deserves a thread. And another copy of Dragon Quarter.

Keep jumping and shooting, and maybe we can play Dinky Bomb again sometime. :smiley:

Ah, thanks. It was a pretty good birthday.

Happy Birthday, SG.

Happy Birthday, the Skankin’!

Dude, where can I find that?

ahem Anyway. Happy day, Skankster.


Happy birthday, SG. Many happy returns.

Happy birthday.

Many happy returns. Of the same damn megaman tune.

I woke up with music today just to honor SG.

Someone reupload? :confused:

Happy birthday SG!

And yeah, the mp3 link just sent me to a 404 page.

Happy birthday. May your banner fly forever… into victory!

Happy birthday SG!

Happy birthday, man. Many happy returns. Whatever that means.

“Many happy returns” is a phrase that expresses a wish that one have many good things happen repeatedly on a certain date. It’s typically reserved for birthdays. It was also used, in a clever dual meaning, as a title of an episode of The Prisoner.