Sexual Morality

Yeah, there’s also the entire middle east >_>;;;

But anyway, if you want sex, you know where to come >>;; Pun not intended >>;;;

I just think teenagers should be more careful. Many of them probably don’t have enough maturity to sort their feelings out, and rushing into things will probably do them no good. Even I have to admit that it is an odd age, in which curiosity becomes even stronger, but they should be careful to avoid doing anything they might regret later on.

And as for the different treatment part… well, personally, I think certain perversions are common to both genders. Of course one does not often see a bunch of girls ganging up on a guy like that, so it’s difficult to compare the situation, but I honestly fail to see why anyone would want to get into such a situation in the first place. Of course some people just go around gobbling up whatever they can get…

I think society tends to glorify sex, without any concern for responsibility. One reckless act can really mess up a person’s life, because there are always consequences, and some people never want to face them. I also think it’s wrong to reduce a human being to a simple object or toy. Of course it gets more complicated when people want to be used that way, but I steer clear of that stuff on general principle. There’s more to life than sex, and if people don’t realize that, well, it’s their loss.

Thank you for your insight.

Sex is a tricky subject of debate. I’d rank it with the “Is God Real” and “Are Abortions Morally Justifiable” stuff.

To make things clear, I have a different (some people would say perverted) outlook on sex. I have certain fetishes that are not at all desirable to some people. My lover Julie and I will be the first ones to tell you that if it’s consensual, it’s OK. It’s because our way of “doing things” would seem like rape or torture to an uneducated person. There’s a fine line, really. There’s also a safety word involved. But it’s consensual, so it’s just fine in our eyes. What this girl did was supposedly consensual. I think it’s her own decision. If she wanted to do the thing, it was her decision and I’ll be damned if I’m going to tell someone you can’t have sex (of any sort) for fun. That’s all there is to it. From a legal standpoint what she did was wrong, and from a religious standpoint what she did was wrong. But the legal system blows (pun intended) and I’m not a religious man. I wouldn’t condemn her actions.

Well, to be honest I don’t see the point in doing anything with someone you don’t care about. A snog at a disco was all I’ve had outside relationship, and it was just like. “Kiss, great. Gotta go pee…”
So in conclusion, I don’t care, it’s up to the people, but I choose not to.

I hear folks at my school and my friends talking about all thiscrap about a serious relationship and I always think bullcrap. I’ve been raised on a serious diet of realism and less emphasis in belief in people, so when I hear about this kind of thing I think that they’re just fooling themselves into thinking that they really have something just so they can justify the fact that they really just want to fuck each other.

Why the heck do I want to deal with that crap now? The last thing I need in high school is some chick telling me how she thought we had something and I have to explain that it wasn’t love, just sex.

Heh, see, it’s less about the act and more about where the act occured. At least, I think so. If it happened at a night club or something like that, then yes, no one should really care. These are kids however, kids who just HAD to engage in oral sex at school. They totallyd eserve whatever they get.

Do it in a dark alley or something…just make sure no one knows about, most importantly, me.

I agree with Percival and Dragon Tear, specifically on the points of the American view on sexuality and marriage only in a commited relationship.

As for the oral sex, I do think it’s been lowered to the level of seriousness as a kiss, sad to say. It just seems so common for a guy to get a quickie (hell, I’ve had my friend go off while we were at the mall for one), it’s just disturbing. I mean, if the general populace weren’t so uptight, it wouldn’t surprise me if people just dropped their pants in public for girls.

LOL CH, god you are hilarious. If I have ever said any bad shit about you, I take it back. Until you make me mad again anyways

Meh. You would be surprised what emotional effect a simple bj can have on people sometimes though… <_<;

Such as the effect of wanting more bjs

<phiber> advice: dont call a girl ugly when you have your manhood in her mouth ;/

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I personally see no problem with casual sex of any sort, or oral sex. I rarely get in deep relationships, however, for several reasons, some of which are natural (well, ingrained in my mind due to chemical imbalance at birth, I believe) and other which are my personality.
I always have safe sex, due to being paranoid and not wanting children. This is safe, and I get enjoyment out of it, so I really see no problem. So long as the girl knows there really isn’t any emotional involvement, and is okay with that, I see no problem. Nobody is hurt, far as I can tell.

On a slightly less serious note, I’m with Dragon Tear and SoldierofFortune on the need for more oral sex.

When i was in high school i didn’t have to worry about sex- When the guys found out i knew a lot more about the NES Zelda than they did they wanted nothing to do with me- i found if you can do anything better than a guy they want nothing to do with you- My best friend was another outcast who was a tennis nut who had played the game almost non stop since elementary school and could cream even the coach at the game- the guys would have nothing to do with her because she could beat them easy- so the tennis expert and the video game player became friends because of being mutual outcasts!

Actually, its mostly because you’re still a kid.

None of that makes any sense. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of other variables (such as the fact that you’re in high school) that make you playing Zelda and your friend playing tennis irrelevent. What kind of car did you drive? What kind of clothes did you wear? Who was your best friend in 8th grade. Was your friend a lesbian? There’s literally an endless amount of variables that influenced you and your friend’s lack of success with boys in high school.

You know, the fact that your friend was a tennis pro would be a turn on to most men. At my high school, there were only maybe 30 people on the tennis team. That leaves a whole school full of boys who don’t care whether or not she can beat them at soccer. They just care about toned bodies and cute skirts.

That’s part of the ‘personality’ bit. I actually cannot get deeply attached to people though, due to a brain thing.

Doubtful. Being a teenager isn’t a chemical imbalance man. And people with all sorts of chemical imbalances can and do hook up with people for long periods of time.

It was the mako, Arac. It gave you your disease, your curse.

Edit: By the way Soldier, I like you. :DDdD

Well he may be telling the truth, but I’ve never heard of an imbalance like this. If he’s anti-social or attention defecit or hyper-tense or obsessive-compulsive, none of that would stop him from having a long-term relationship. If what he is saying is true, then he would have no bond with his parents, siblings, teachers, mentors, or friends. What I’m guessing is he has ADD or ADHD and doesn’t have the patience to stay in a relationship. But there’s millions of teenagers without ADD or ADHD who don’t have the patience to stay in relationships. So its not the ADHD, its the fact that he’s still a kid. I have a brother and friend who both have ADHD. And, neither of them has been in any long term relationship. But there’s plenty of other factors to weigh in other than their chemical imbalance.

Actually, it’s a fairly common attachement disorder, although it usually occurs in abandoned or abused children, of which I am neither. I can get attached to people, but it isn’t easy. I think it’s some form or facet of OCD or some other extremely minour Schizophrenia, like bipolarism, but I’m really not sure. It does lead me to be anti-social. EDIT: In a nut-shell, it doesn’t outright stop me, it just makes it more difficult for me than other people. This combined with my age and non-empathetic personality make it nearly impossible.

Also, a large part of it probably is my age, I’ll agree with that.

Don’t worry man, everything will work out for you just fine.