Because of all the “sex talk” being in spoilers, I say we have a whole thread with no spoilers about sex!

Sex is good.


I agree wholeheartedly with the above statement.

Discussed. :wink:

Sex: Male. :ah-ha!:

Sex… the number six in many, many languages…

I do prefer the numbers 4, 13 and 8 above it, but I guess 6 is good too.


And well, if more women could do like Nanna Hooter to the left, I think a lot of guys would be happy.

Sex: Yes please.:wave:

And Ryuujin, that avatar pic is more messed up than MINE.


I want some.


I’ve heard of unisex but I’ve never had it.

holds V-Card :stuck_out_tongue:

Sex…such a small but powerful word. In the right hands it can be quite enjoyable but in the wrong hands…::shudder:: However, in Cala’s hands…well that’s the question of the day now isn’t it?

Well I know where this thread is going.