Seven years ago today, I came here a goddamn idiot.

I’ll answer this one now. Yes, I banned Eden for about a week for provoking GunslingerGuy. And I banned him for responding in kind to Eden’s actions.

Can’t everyone just get along :\

Eden > Gunstinkerguy

I remember when I joined back up way back when, too. Back in the EZboard days, before the Tower of Babel (RIP) was concieved, back in the days of Booken and Ackbar and HolyFuckingMazrimTaim before we found out about the awesome powers of his 'fro. Those were some days.

I was…not the most mature and intelligent of people when I first came here. And I’d prefer to leave it at that. >_>

So, Val. What’s your fondest memory of this place?

How come everyone STILL does these “ask me question” threads?

(And if we’re talking about being idiots when joining, I’m insanely glad that I used a different username when I first joined RPGC, just before the change to these boards, because I had all the stupidity of my life concentrated into the first week or so that I was at RPGC. I acted more moronic than I’ve ever had; before, after or combined.)

Rochester Red Wings. Local Minor League team, played in the longest-running professional baseball game in baseball history. I don;t follow them that much, but I enjoy going to their games.

Brainstorming. I get a million good ideas every week, and neer act on a single one of them. I prefer thinking in the abstract than the concrete.

In a more concrete sense, I enjoy role playing and deconstructing the literary/technical components of various forms of media.

Both. Probably the only thing I have any confidence in doing, and enough love to do.

I still do, just not around here. I like you guys too much to make an ass of myself here again.

Not working in it yet. I’m still developing several skills that will help me in the business. I refuse to do Broadway or Hollywood, since I hate big cities and the competition there is brutal, so I’m sticking with local theatre. Right now I’m seeing about voice lessons (Apparently I have a uniquely deep yet nasal voice), and also taking fencing, since being able to sword fight onstage is incredibly useful. As for wanting it from the beginning… I never did any sort of theatre until I got to college. In fact, listening to everyone else in the performing arts program, how they did high school theatre and stuff for ages, makes me feel really intimidated. I like to think I’m a good actor - not a great one, but a good one.

Because you fully understand just who you are and how others perceive you. And it’s not pretty.

Not a question, but okay.

oh, man, this one time when I was like, 5, I was playing Battleship with my brother, but he was such a cheap bastard and places the aircraft carrier so one of the holes was over the letter A. So I couldn’t beat him, and he won. I remember we got into a huge fight after that, and we never did find all the pieces to that game afterward. So overall, I have fond memories, since I got to beat up my older brother over that.

Leave the room. Not because you can;t sing, but because I fucking hate the Wonder Years.

my grandfather had a fall last week. He’s still in danger, and could die. I never knew him that well, even though he lives only 20 minutes away. All I know about him was he once worked with horses at the racetrack - and had a punch that could deck a horse.

So thanks for reminding me of that. Jerk.

Obviously not.

Oh, man, it’s probably that time Charlemagne and Merlin pretended to be each other, and then Charlemerl posted saying that RPGC was going to shut down due to lack of funds, and everyone was all like “Noooooooo take our money” But then someone I think it was Starstorm he let the cat out of the bag and then everyone was like “I am so mad at you” and stuff. That scene always stuck with me. There were a lot of other good moments, but that one stuck out the most.

Well, i can;t vouch for other people, but I like them because 1. I am always happy to share stuff about myself and 2. it shows how much people actually take an interest in me.

If there are any more questions, go ahead and ask them. I don;t mind. I appreciate the good questions, and will tolerate the bad ones even.

Do you ever jot down your more abstract ideas in a notebook or anything? If so, how in depth do you go into the idea (intricate drawings, complex summaries vs quick sketches, basic ideas)?

I was away, i swear.

Anyway, why do you pretend to be a girl now?

And what’s your favourite musical?

Seven years ago today, I came here a goddamn idiot.
Today, I… like to think I’m less of one.

Well, you can stop thinking that now.

…You can KNOW IT FOR SURE. 'Cuz I say so!

You’re definitely no longer as foolish, angry or depressive as you used to be. And your skills at writing, organizing and even acting HAVE increased. I have seen you grow as a person in these past seven years, “VE”, and not only I admire you for it, I’m glad to consider you a friend. :victoly: Here’s hoping that you have a happy birthday, and that all your dreams come true in the future.

And now, have some VIKING CAIK!!!


It has been seven years… seems like a much shorter time.

I guess its true what they say about having fun.

But, for old time sakes…

steals the caik, and runs from the room.

I don;t jot down stuff, mostly because a. I tell enough people that they can remind me of particular ideas, and b. I tend to memorize everything about particularly good ideas. off the top of my head:

Story: FFVI fanfiction. Twelve stories, one for each of the twelve main characters. Twisted fates, showing how not everything gets a happy ending. All told in different formats, example: Locke’s story told as criminal rap sheet, Relm’s story told ins equential art, Cyan’s story told in Shakespearean play format, etc. Not all are unhappy endings, but some are plain bittersweet.

Story idea: Crossover, combining Ghostbusters, Gargoyles, TMNT, Parasite Eve, Spider-Man, G.I. Joe, Jackie Chan Adventures, and maybe even World of Darkness if desired (preferably Werewolf.) Sewers. it all comes down to the Sewers.

Music video idea: Kingdom Hearts, done to Two hearts by Phil Collins. Seriously, anyone who hears this song? it is so Sora it isn’t even funny.

Game idea: Build the best damn bar in the world. Suikoden-style recruiting, need to build up a bar, purchase equipment, make drinks, and support an entire economy all from your bar, from serving wenches to adventurers. FInal boss: City Hall. Seriously, you just… you fight City Hall. oh, and special optional Boss Dionysus. Apparently he’s pissed someone’s moving in on his racket.

Tabletop RPG idea: Wild ARMs. TOo much info to put here. Got everything but actual mechanics set up.

I could go on, but you get the idea. I don;t write down my ideas, though I’ll tell them to others online freely. My sister tends to write down notes for stuff we collaborate on, but that’s it.

Sure you were.

Not so much I pretend to be one as I never tell people I’m not one. Considering some of the people I meet in some other communities, it’s an interesting way to tell when someone’s worth talking to - namely, how much they focus on the state of my genitals - which, while fascinating and the source of several amusing anecdotes, is not all there is to me.

Spring Awakening. I was lucky enough to go see this last year on Broadway with the original cast. I fucking cried like a baby at one point in particular. Even though I bought the Soundtrack immediately during intermission, there’s one song I still refuse to listen to because I start crying during it again.

Anyway, thanks guys. it was a nice birthday. Not much really happened, but it was still really good.

Oh yeah, the combined brainpower here is astounding.

Happy B-day Val.

I find it funny you thought of The Wonder Years and not The Beatles when you read that line. Why did you think of that?

98, Brood Wars 99.

Cheers, Val.

because that was the opening line to the theme song to The Wonder Years?

yo dog, i her you like brainstorms! so i put brains in your storm, so you can look at brainstorms while you brainstorm.

Where are BlueMageOne and Amerycinsycho when you are thinking about them?

Cless Ailvayn?