Seven years ago today, I came here a goddamn idiot.

Today, I… like to think I’m less of one.

In all honesty, back when I was 14, I came to RPGC a depressed, antisocial, attention-whoring little shit. Luckily, I came to one of the most intellectually interesting forums I could, where I had enough people tell me to stop being a retard and help me learn how to better use the intelligence I have, even though to this day I’m still terrified to enter a debate on anything with anyone here.

Anyway, since I don’t really care about posting milestones (Anyone who remembers me from the early days will find that amusing), I figure instead I’d do a question thread instead. And in lieu of making an epic milestone post answering said questions, I’d figure I’d just answer them all on Sunday - when I celebrate my 22nd birthday.

So, anyone who wants to know a little more about me, ask away. I’ll answer anything.

Oh Jesus… 7 years? Goddamn. Same here. Longer than that when I was in the chat though. I was like 12 at the time. Holy shit. Just… holy shit.

Checked main page on 9/11, hopped on chat, got kicked for taking part in a “is FF8 good?” discussion with X2K and Hades, I think. Still, kept on hanging around.

I’m fairly certain we kicked you out for making 9/11 jokes.

Oh trust me, the MJ thread could’ve been spammed full of amusing JPGs in fifteen minutes after the news broke, but seems the place has matured up a bit.

Hmm, I came here in December 2001 if I recall correctly, possibly november. Hoo man.

Anyway, Val, happy birthday in advance and here’s to many more fun years on the board. I still remember that you sent me an e-mail saying “Are you ignoring me?!” in the subject line because I hadn’t written you back about your fanfic. I never did get it that first time, not sure what happened there but you resent it and everything was pretty-shiny. :slight_smile:

Bah, it’s been something like 12 years for me. When did Starcraft first get released? 97 or 98? Around then anyway, or a little before.

Regardless, over a decade. OVER A DECADE.

So either I was unclear on the whole “ask me questions” thing, or nobody wants to know a damn thing about me. lovely.

Do you have a favorite sports team?

sorry. You’ve been here so long we know everything about you. EVERYTHING.
Even that you take a little ducky into the bath with you every day.

Umm…anyways…What’s your hobby?

So either I was unclear on the whole “ask me questions” thing, or nobody wants to know a damn thing about me. lovely.

It isn’t that, V, it’s that your post filled us all with nostalgia. sniff I myself have been here since '02, when I googled up “Final Fantasy” and found the place. I liked the way they joked around so I joined. I then proceeded to prove myself a total Net Noob by using my REAL name as my handle. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m better these days, but folks here won’t let me change my name. Oh well. :wink:

As for questions- well, we talk often on AIM, so I know a lot about you already. Still, let’s think of something apropos for the occasion…

How about, “What would you like to do?” No, not “what are your career plans” but “what would you really enjoy doing?” Me, I’d love to be a professional writer, probably of comics or cartoons, and even though that’s probably never gonna happen, dreams keep us going, you know? So, how about you? A writer? An actor?

So when are you going to pretend to be a girl again?

Be proud. I’m STILL an idiot :smiley:

I think I remember you saying you took a program in theatre, whether it was acting or props I can’t remember. How is it fairing for yourself in that field, are you working in it already? Is it something you wanted to do from the beginning?

Why am I filled with rage and hate? Poisons, they flow through me?

Free Eden99. Ban Valkyrie Esker.

Battleships. What are you feelings on the matter?

What would you do if I sang out of tune?

lol Eden is bant?

So what becomes of you my love
When they have finally stripped you of
The handbags and the gladrags
That your grandad had to sweat so you could buy?