SETZ, Oh dear, I hope I'm not too late

Dear Setz,

I have a engagement present for you. It comes in the form of a link.

E-Mail, write him a letter, give him a call. whatever, just get a hold of him. He is a professional. If you’re serious at all about your relationship, and if you’re mature enough and responsible enough, you’ll contact him as soon as possible. It shouldnt take you that long to explain the situation.

Is anyone here familiar with Tom Leykis? You agree with me, right?

I heard him for the first time when I was driving to LA for the most recent RPGC meet. Everyone should hear him at least once.

This piece of hatemail is gold

" I didn’t know you’re a smut peddling degenerate as
well as an angry, bitter misogynist.

How long are you going to hustle a bunch of 17 to 27
year old dim-wits well on their way to becoming
angry, bitter losers like yourself?

Do you expect anyone else to believe that a woman
who submits herself to a homely, fat and middle-aged
tightwad is anything more than a moron?

What could you possibly offer any woman with the
least bit of self-respect?

Your whole story is a crock of B.S. and she services
you along with others for a price that only your
million dollar salary can meet."

“What could you possibly offer any woman with the
least bit of self-respect?”

Wait a second, when did the definition of self-respect change from “wanting something and giving it to yourself” to “denying millions of years of natural selection and putting your body through hell by depriving it of it’s basic needs, meanwhile becoming a frigid middle-aged hag with no worth to society?” I’m DYING to know.

I think he quit here after that latest charade, after that latest barrage of insults. For now at least.

Does anyone know Setz’s email or journal URL or anything? I want to keep in touch with him.

He’s on the agora right now. PM him.

Why? :stuck_out_tongue:

My LJ is in my signature. And I’ll be posting my life there now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tee hee-

“See how awesome I look? Can you believe I’m taken by only one woman? Man, with my looks, I’m suprised the whole world isn’t under my feet”

Evangelion, who wrote that omigod it’s hilarious!

Who’s Tom Leykis?

I said it, noob.

You know, not everybody read you LJ, so it’s perfectly logical that GSM would not know who said it.
Besides, that’s a pretty arrogant statement to make, especially when it’s not justified.

Or true. He was uglier in real life. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually i looked at his journal to see if he said something as ridiculous as that. It’s just so hilarious you know you should become a comedian, go to clubs tell them about your pathetic life. I know i have a pathetic life, but i wouldn’t brag about feeling a booby. Well i’m a girl i get to feel up my own any ole time i want. Yeah feeling up a guy’s funny bone is nice, but i wasn’t like omigod I’m so cool! Cause ya know there’s been a couple of other girls who have also gotten to touch one too.

“I licked her boob today, which was cool. The problem was, it was on the TTC, and people wouldn’t stop staring at us.” :mwahaha:

I might just save the link of your lj anytime i need a laugh.

Oh yes. I write all this for laughs! Ha ha ha ha ha.

Be proud. You might just be the one person with a Livejournal that is actually read by people.

What I wanna know is, how the hell do you pronounce “Mengde”??

Are you seriously proposing to this girl in 18 days?