Setz, Nutter and others: a warning

Alrighty, apparently I haven’t made myself clear enough in my hints therefore I will be as direct and Sinistralian as I possibly can:

Setz: you are in violation of rules 1 and 12 for solliciation and spam. Your constant posting off topic in threads and lack of addition to discussions has been an eyesore. Stop wasting board space with meaningless posts or bickering. Furthermore, if we close a thread, keep it closed. We do NOT appreciate having to close more. Not only is your spam an eyesore, but your offensive trolling like in the latest closed thread goes against the rules and we will NOT warn you again.

Big Nutter: you have also been spamming the boards with pointless, often illegible posts and not just cuz they were in Al Behd. I pointed out to you that you should offer a translation for your posts if you were going to write them out and now I’m pointing it out to you again. I won’t be so kind as to remind you next time. The translation goes for BOTH your ENGLISH AND AL BEHD posts. If you so like to sound like you’re speaking a different language, you should’ve made full use of the foreign language board when we had one.

Shinobi, Cala and others: Please don’t keep annoying others and picking on them in threads. Although they might really deserve it because what they’re saying is really retarded, we all know it is; if you believe the person is spamming, leave it to the administrators. We don’t like vigilanteism and all you’ve done is create more spam and encite others to spam up the forums even more.

THIS IS NOT UP TO DISCUSSION. If you REALLY disagree and feel misunderstood, pm a mod or admin.

But it’s fun to incite chaos. >.>

I’ll lay off.

YAY! I’m not doing anything wrong! XD


So… I’ll stay like… this ?

I didn’t realize I was being that mean, sorry =(

Dude, am I going to stay like this? points to left

It’s a simple and straight-forward question.

No, the shame is too much. But I think that it’s stuff like that question asked twice that got you in trouble in the first place. Although I’m not sure if I’m in trouble, so meh.

No, I won’t rest until I am answered. There’s no fucking way in hell I’m staying like this.

Darkness Beckons, mind your own fucking business.

Could you be any more vague? I think I’m understanding you.

Ok Sin, I do realize I am an asshole and I’m sorry =(

Me feeling the urge to yell at Setz just now made me realize it.
From now on I’ll only be mean to Hades and the brits of RPGC.

Goddamnit Shin, don’t make me come over there.

<3 Shin

Will my 672 posts, spanning 200 days, be wasted over something of such minorness?

Zero, either phrase it so I can understand, or don’t fucking talk to me.

Is your backside magnetic? Because I think theres a lobster on it!
oh ho ho ho ho!

What the fuck? Don’t speak stupid, Shin.

Setz, it’s a post count. No-one cares, or should care if they do. It means nothing. I am proof of this. You spammed incessantly, so you got punished. It’s really that simple. At least you weren’t banned, right?

Damnit Shin, I swear I’ll swim the fucking Atlantic if you’re on the other side for me to throttle.

I’d rather be banned altogether. And by all means, if it’ll mean my postcount will remain 672, then ban me. I’d rather be remembered with a high post-count, than be here with a shit-ass post count.

<strike>But it’s your language.</strike>

Er, no inciting. >.>

And try to be more civil, Setz. It’ll do good.

And it’s more like 200 posts spanning 3 days.

I’ve been here for 200 days. And my average was somewhere around 3/day. Sure, my last 400-500 have been in the past few weeks. But still. averagely, it’s been 200 days, with 3 posts a day.