Service Pack 2

I have already tried to install this several times, especially because my firewall could defintely use a boost, but the installation has never been successful so far. The configuration assistant pops up, the progress par stays at zero for some time, and then the installation is refused or something. Could this be due to dubious origin of the OS? If so, then I’ll need to have a word with the people from the shop where this thing was bought when I go there to have it checked up due to the annoying amount of times it keeps screwing up (as some people probably know since I’ve made it a habit to vent my frustration on IRC).

EDIT: It has something to do with the product key, so the guys from the store are definitely going to hear a thing or two.

I’ve installed SP2 some 1000 or so times now, and if you have a product key problem, a window pops up and says “Invalid Product ID.” If you didn’t see that, it’s more likely background software causing the problem. Press F8 as your computer loads up to go into Safe Mode, and try installing SP2 from there.

If all else fails, there’s somewhere on microsoft’s site where you can order a free cd containing the SP2 installer.

Oh, here we are.
<a HREF=“”>Order Windows XP Service Pack 2 on CD</a>

I don’t think it really takes 4-6 weeks, I ordered one for the hell of it back before SP2 was released and I got it in like 2.

I got it on Cd when they first offered it. Took them a week.

But ya, get the Cd. I dont trust their dl service on SP2.