Server downtime

Right now my HTTP server is not working. I blame No-Ip. Their redirecting program is not working right now. To make matters worse my IP is dynamic and I had to turn the machine off a few minutes ago, which means that any attempt to reach the server will redirect you to a userless IP, or worse, one that’s been taken by someone else.

There’s really no reason for me to post it here except for the fact that the most recent pictures I’ve posted are hosted here. So they’re going to be red X’s for a while. I am sure there will be no further nuisance for anyone browsing the board.

If anyone who’s got accounts in my upload page is trying to send anything (unlikely, seeing how there’s been no uploads for weeks now ¬_¬), I can only say sorry for the while being.

I expect this problem to be solved in some half an hour.

Edit: fixed before the expected time. Things are alright now.

this is terrible oh god

and then I say something.