Seriously... (Hard drive related)

Is it impossible to get smaller hard drives these days or something? I only need something in the 20 GB range, but all the stores around don’t go any lower than 80 GB.

Which means if you get some 20 Gb drive now it’ll probably have already been used by someone. Stick with 80 Gb, it’s not really that expensive and the extra space is not harmful.

Why do you want less anyway :confused:

Less is more. Everything is bigger in Texas. It’s not the size that counts but how you use it. Space makes waste.

Don’t worry about it. 80 Gb isn’t deep enough for you to fall in. (I think?) (turns and:runaway: )

I only need like 2 more GB than I have. It’s mostly because I don’t want to spend more money to look at “75 GB free space” all the time.

You’re lucky you can still find 80GB. If you want less than that, you’re going to have to buy a used drive or Raptors, and they’re more expensive than the ordinary 80GB’s.

Well, new question, and I feel inept asking this, but still…

I have two hard drives in my computer presently.
One of them is C, and the other is E (30 GB partition) and F (the remainder). However, F was never formatted, and so it cannot be used. My question is, if I choose to format F, will E be affected at all? (That is, they’re both on the same physical drive, just two partitions of it.)

Windows XP/2000/NT? You can convert the disc to a dynamic disc and extend E onto F, or use GParted.