Series that should have more games.

The first two don’t really count but the rest are series that should have more games. What other series do you guys think should have more games?

Most of those games didn’t even deserve the original never mind a reboot. That said I would love to see Ecco, Vectorman, Blaster Master, Crono, and The Master again (and done with great justice too).

I’d enjoy seeing a new Actraiser. it could be really awesome.

But what I REALLY want to see is a new EVO. Seriously.

Ecco was a great idea but kinda shitty execution. Dolphin jump ftw

I want a dolphin defending my future.



I wouldn’t mind another Xenosaga or/and Xenogears. The follow-up of Chrono games would a blast.

I’m bummed the Xenogears project fell through. It would’ve been so cool to see all the details that brought us to the events in the spaceship in the prologue.

We need more Final Fantasy. More FFVII. Oh yes. Plenty more.

In seriousness, I’d like to revive the Lolo games, and a new Crystalis game.

I want to play another Breath of Fire game, but it seems to be taking forever. :frowning:

Lufia, Ogre Battle.

More StarTropics!
(Of course Nintendo would probably put it on the GameCube at this point, similar to how they released StarTropics 2 when the NES was long dead.)

Megaman Legends 3.

Phantasy Star


Because they were getting near to making the final episode (8). It’d be hot if there was an episode One release.

Oh, and Pilot Wings.

I agree with Lufia and ogrebattle. I’d also say the Lunar series, provided they werre translated/localized by Working Design like the PSX versions.

Definitely more Lunar. I also would like to see a TRUE sequel to SaGa Frontier, where you play all sorts of different characters in interrelated quests featuring both Science Fiction and Fantasy. ( Live a Live was like that, too- there’s another game that could use a remake or sequel!)

Perhaps another Soul Blazer game would be nice.

Also Vagrant Story 2 and perhaps even a Bahamut Lagoon?

Originally Posted by Taran_Wanderer
Phantasy Star

I’d rather see that series left dead. There really isn’t all that much they can do with it anyway aside from going back in time (but seeing as how Sega would most likely call upon Sonic Team to draft the story and seeing how Sonic Team has handled characters like Sonic recently I think the best thing to do is just to stay away from the Algo Star System altoghter). What they Should do is to start a new series in a different corner of the universe keeping two things in mind. One they should focus on bringing a straight up RPG rather than an MMORPG or some half-assed hybrid. And two possibly using less day-glow in their character designs (like oh say 100% less. amirite).

I, too, would like to see another Lufia, Lunar (hold the cheap first gen gimmicks though. I’m looking at you Dragon Song), Ogre Battle, Rocku Man Dash!!, and possibly more Saga (frontier or otherwise).

Ninja Edit: Golden Sun ftw!

I’d like to see a new Dark Cloud or a good NwN.

I’d actually love to see another Bahamut Lagoon, or Golden Sun.

Good choices, Killmore!

Golden Sun, now there was an awesome handheld RPG…