Serial Experiments: Lain

Anybody ever see this series?

It is so frigging weird man.

I’ve watched the whole thing a few times now and it still doesn’t make much sense to me.

For some reason, I get really depressed while watching it. It has a very sad atmosphere.

I thought it was okay. It would have been a little better if it just wasn’t…like, boring. The theme of the anime that I found was pretty cool (My opinion is that the theme was about using an icon to justify one’s actions, like when people used to kill in the name of their gods and such; people in the anime do terrible, questionable acts in the name of Lain. I’d talk about it a little more, but the honest truth is, I didn’t watch the last 2-3 episodes, and it’s been a long time), but…I just thought there was a lot of fluff and unnecesary stuff. It probably could have been a 6 episode series.

It was definitely slow and drawn out, but that was done for atmosphere. It is very… artsy.

I love how instead of shadows being black, they’re like this weird redish color. Very visually cool.

I think Lain is supposed to be God. Like a Jesus type character.