Hopefully, I’ll have seen it before the day’s out.

squeels like a prepubescent fangirl

I am SO seeing it tonight.

I’d see it tonight, but I’m already going with a friend to see Corpse Bride and to “see” In Her Shoes.

It looks cool, but why is it called Serenity? It seems to be a movie version of the series Firefly.

Serenity is the name of the ship.

What’s the deal with this movie? :o

Good. It’s an absolutely awesome movie. Everybody should see it.

What, who, whom? Why isn’t the cool sounding things heard about here in Norway? Stupid Norway.

Just got back from it.


Fucking whoa.

I’m awestruck. Seriously.

Chronologically, I believe this movie happened before the events in the series.

Sounds overhyped [like many things thesedays].

It was actually really really good. Not to say that it was the best movie this year… But it was a well done sci-fi flick that is definately worth seeing. I was suprised, I got more than I expected although it was alot different than I had thought it would be.

And by different I mean the Reavers added a very "horror"ish theme to the movie in certain parts which really suprised me considering how the trailers didn’t really make much note of them.

Change that to Sweden and I agree with you.

Um, no. Unless they forgot to explain how Wash and shepherd Book come back from the dead, or why Simon and River have been on Serenity for 8 months at the start of the movie when the first episode of Firefly has them boarding for the first time.

I borrowed a DVD my friend burned of the series and watched that, too. Awesome. That Saffron, she’s one crazy biatch. By the way, did I miss something about Haven? I didn’t notice anything about that in the series, and the last episode that aired had Book on the ship.