Separated at birth

Is it only me, or does Gollum really look like the Crypt Keeper?

It’s just you.

You. Aaaaall you.

Who look like who?

Probably just you.

[chestjab] You, you, you.

Ren/ … You, too!

It’s really just you, man. The Crypt Keeper is more like a skeleton with a little skin and hair. Gollum is very different from that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, but how can they have been seperated at birth. Gollum wasn’t born that way, he was deformed, see.

Yup, defeneitly you, no reation, just both are strange looking

The Crypt Keeper has been a regular looking person someday too. I think.

And I also think the resemblance depends from the angle you look at them.

I may be wonderful, but I have to say you’re wrong, [STRIKE]Rubelli[/STRIKE] Mr. Renderson. Fun sig, though.