Sup sup seniors! Seniors in high school, college, whatever, who cares? Raise up!

The hell? i thought this would be an interesting post about the elderly, instead i get a pep rally? A pox on thee!

Suck my wang.

one year closer to adulthood. Feels like a death sentence.

What is this, the third thread on this? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hell yeah! Rock on, seniors! Look out mothafuckas, cause when the summer partying’s done, we’re gonna raise up hell, hooo…yeah.


Fuck yes! Graduation is June 2nd, and my mom is moving in with her boyfriend so me, my brother, and two friends get the house to ourselves. Beat that shit.

Yeah, rock on.

Being one of the oldest students in the school, gives ya a sorta of new look on things, doesn’t it?

Hey, I was just curious, is my school the only one in which the freshman this year are like… TINY? I’m talking like, 75% of them are under 5’ tall. o.o; Like, I don’t think it’s just because I’m a senior, because I’m only 5’7", and have been 5’7" since about 7th grade. So like, I noticed when my classmates caught up with me in height. And the freshman didn’t seem that small last year. And like. Yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember my last HS year [2002]. Those were some good times. In fact it was probably the best year comparitively I’ve had at school.

Nowadays, however.

Heh, you’re not the only one :stuck_out_tongue: I definitely noticed that too in my school, the freshmen were just on the whole much shorter. It’s weird, heh.

Well for my school , the younger years seem to be getting taller. There are several people in the lower years who are taller than me. And I’m about 5’8", I think, it mean a while since I checked.

I will be a graduating senior ready for the free no school life next January. A high school senior that is.

Seniors! Seniors! Seniors!

Get your geriatric porn!

Dood! Got any nudies of Bea Arthur?

Senior now… and super-senior next year! :cool: