Send Me your Bad Fan-fics!!

Ok, For those who don’t hang around the main and FF Forums, I’m known for posting Mini Sprite theaters in posts. And a certain [STRIKE]cat[/STRIKE] mod recently said this to one of my Crazier posts:

So StarStorm More or less gave me the idea, to do A Mistery Space Theater 3000 on a bad fan fic.

So I need some short “good” Bad Fan fics. So It must Follow the Rules about Lemons and Stuff in the Arcive. And I would prefre I get Script ones. I do not want a New one just so I can poke holes in to it.

Big Nutter
I’m 2k I’ll be the “Staight woman” to Nutter’s Jokes.

GAFF. Nuff said. :stuck_out_tongue:

Linky then.

Look under “FFIV Fanfics” on this site and do “Baron’s Heir.”

Yeah, that was me. I am ashamed to have ever written it… even though it was like two years ago… :fungah:

Quick look: I’m not too keen on MST this one. I’m going have a better look and I’ll give good look later.

Big Nutter
I will use RPG based one, as long they don’t have the RPGC appearing.

Why don’t you just write some!


… Someone give BigNutter Celebrian.

First things first.

Read this. Do it. I don’t care if you eventually decide to ignore everything it says, read it.

Next, The Pit of Voles. If you need to find something bad to riff, there aren’t many places better to do so than there.

Finally, ask permission first. I know you’re asking us for our permission, but just in case you don’t find anything good to do. Oh, and yeah, if you see something of mine you want to do, it’s no problem.

(And SS, NO. Not until after the holidays. Give him a Thinkerfic, I’m sure he’ll be able to read it just fine…)

Are you trying to kill BN?
I mean… CELEBRIAN? :eek:

I’ve been Traling though.

Weilia - Hanging Around.


Hey, he wants to MST, I’ll give him something to MST.

And what are you talking about, BN?

Spaz isn’t a mod.

Well then, I’ll give him Celebrian. Via PM.

TD, Mod of the FanFic’s It’s His name the biggest on the Page.

Star, I consider its a Lemon, And I said that I won’t do them. I’m going my Maz’s Rules for the Fan fics.

Big Nutter
Star, For that you won’t get the Alternate Pt2 Chapter 2 for the series I’m doing. You’d miss the lemony goodnes of that one…

Somehow, I doubt I will.

Anything by this author SHAYNE/SQUALL . Though I recommend a child hero or the one about the band.

Hanging Around… lemony? Does not compute!

I don’t what a Sex/rape Lemon, Basicly I want stick a PG-13 or a 12A/15cert on it. Hanging around is one I’ve got Jokes for.

About the Fin line, Look for Nutter’s Novel about 25th topic down.

Hehe! At least it’s not Tommy/Sinstral…
Is Sin’s the Green ranger?
I wouldn’t know, he does look like him though…


Look for my first attempt at a fanfic. It’s pretty convoluted.

Search this forum for Langrisser: After Chaos

And let’s not forget RPGDude…