Senate apologizes for failing to ban lynching

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Well, they voted to ask for an apology for it a few days back. I’ve been meaning to make a topic about this, but then again, how many people are really going to reply to it I thought? Meh, best not to be so cynical.

I am happy that they recognize the mistakes of the past and are at least trying to apologize for such a blemish upon the history of the Senate. On Nightline, they were showing this one lady in the Senate showing a picture of one man who was hanged and explaining how lynchings weren’t hidden events, but rather community things. Done not in the woods late at night, but in the mddle of a town. I thought it was interesting to hear about this and Ithought I should at least make a topic about it, so those who didn’t know about it, do now.

Thankfully, this has been a trend as of late. The Rosewood Massacre has finally been recognized in Florida by Governor Jeb Bush. The government tried to cover up that massacre by saying that the amount of people who died were under 20, and that some of them were whites, which may have been true, but was probably because, as depicted in the movie as well, they were killed in self-defense.

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It’s something akin to the Catholic Church apologizing for excommunicating Galileo in 1980. If it ever would have been meaningful, it’s not now. The people who should have apologized are dead.

Too little, too late. >P

Better than nothing.

I seem to recall that there once was (is?) a federal ban on lynching, but the Supreme Court had narrowed it down to such absurd scopes and cut out whole sections of the law it was useless. The book Fire in a Canebreak talked about it some.

Politics: where strangers appologise for strangers to strangers who know next to nothing about what it is being appologied for. It is well meant, but certainly not heartfelt.

Psh. Politics in general makes me wanna take both sides of the debate and bang their heads together.

Why arent the indians asking for an appology for the atrocities done to them ? Ohh wait, because words dont mean shit.

They have asked for reparations. And congress has issued formal apologies to the native americans. Unless, of course, you’re referring to the people of India, where as I don’t know what atrocities congress is responsible for that occured to them.

That whole Britain-invades-India-and-taxes-the-hell-out-of-it thing would probably count.

I don’t know how the United States congress is responsible for Britain’s invasion plans, though.

Guilt by ancestral association?

Yeah, well … I read somewhere that every single person alive today has this one particular cavewoman in their family tree, so you’re ALL guilty by ancestral association of Hitler! [goes on shooting spree]

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So you can see which Senators were on board for this… and more importantly, which Senators weren’t. Are both of yours on there? :stuck_out_tongue: (A fun little game to play)

You can also sort by date and see when people added their name to it.

Okay…so why did the Texas senator not sign it? Heck, he’s even a black guy. I suppose it’s something around the same reason Nulani outlined.