Selphie in Kingdom hearts 2?

Hi I read in a mag that Selphie tilmitt was in the second kingdom hearts, but that she was older, does someone have a picture of her? (you may have heard of it lol)

Its in there somewhere…

Tifa is also in KH2…(random but I had to point that out)

She looks cute, but why is she not in yellow? I’ve gotten over my fear of yellow! Why is she not in her cute yellow? She looks like a little pilgrim here. Oh well, thanks.

I thought it might be the girl with Kiri sp? after thinking about it : /.

Kairi, not Kiri.

yeah I heard they are classmates in cut scenes in the game

Its a school uniform. The one scene she is in is her walking home from school with Kairi.

Thanks. Anywho, I think that’s her. You see her in a few scenes, I don’t think I noticed it was Selphie though.

She looks a little different. Her voice is cute in the first one, and since the same woman does her voice in this one, it sounds just as cute!