Selphie in FF8

Oh, shoot. I tried to cast Scan on Selphie in order to look at her… head… in an other view than usual, just to find out that it is impossible to spin her on that certain axis i wanted to. And now, I’m just SO dissapointed…

Just what was Square thinking…? :thinking:

And to think, they let you do that in FFX-2 if you level up Scan all the way. 8P

You were out for some ass, weren’t you.

:no2: No, no. I’m an apprentice hairdresser. My master has told me to look at young girls hairstyles in order to get better.

That’s what they all say. :hahaha;

Really…? pervert laughter

You’re spending your time trying to scan Selphie when you could be scanning Rikku? What kind of savage are you? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d rather scan Beatrix, personally.

Yeah well I’d like to tap Gippal and Sephiroth and Squall. I’d “scan” them everyday. Irvine also gives me trains.

::doh:: I don’t have a PS2… yet. But when I finally get one, I’ll buy FFX-2 for sure! :victoly:

that sounds sigh disasterific


what a coincidence! I tried scan on Selph a few days ago! :hahaha;

Rikku is the shiz though I’d :hyperven: scan :hyperven: that in a heartbeat

Rikku in Berserker or Paine in Lady Luck. :booster: drools

Are you all panty raiders too?

Goes into split personality My line!

selphie is the prettiest ff girl, but nothing compared to nel in so3.

I wish I could scan Quistis drool

Varan !!! DUDE !!! Whats up man ?

I would scan them all at once, cause chosing between such would be wrong. How can you dare leave one out ?

Evangelion, choo choo !

hell yeah!!! too bad you can’t cast scan on multiple characters tho.
but if you cast scan on slephie while she’s confused or berserk, she’ll flash ya. :hahaha;

and if you do it while she’s sleeping she’ll accuse you of rape and your game ends. :booster:

No, she justs slaps any male member who cast it one her.