Selling Prachett stuff

Fuckit. I need money.


The Art of Discworld
The Last Hero

(best offers, I guess)


Moving Pictures
Thief of Time
Witches Abroad
Guards! Guards!
Good Omens
The Fifth Elephant
Lords and Ladies
Feet of Clay
Interesting Times
Night Watch

(Five bucks each plus 4.00 ship)

I’m pretty sure I have a few more floating around somewhere.

btw, I also have old-ass Magic: The Gathering Novels.

Myths of Magic
Rath and Storm
Time Streams
Mercadian Masques
Myths of Magic

(Four bucks each plus 3.00 ship)

Trying to sell a Gamecube GBA Player with startup disc, We Love Katamari, and Tales of Symphonia. If interested, ask and we’ll work a price.

Yer what? That’s so sad. 8-(

No dont. D:

(The Pratchett stuff, I mean.)

I barely read most of the nowandays, and right now I need some green in my wallet than a ‘library or collection’ of anything.

Also selling M:TG card; how much do ya’ll figure an entire shoebox slap full of cards are worth?

Man the shipping to here would probably rape me, I’ll stick to my fine tradition of a handful of TP books a year. Still have Thief of Time and Hogfather to read, anyway.

What sets are the Magic cards from, are they common/uncommon/rare (well, rough ratio)?

I’ve got stuff scattered from the early sets up until Mercadian Masques through the end of Invasion. I have a lot of those. I have some cards of the sets after those. I have them organized by color sets of spells and creatures.

Is there anything (or anythings) in particular you’re looking for?

Random stuff, for the most part. Usually over-costed jank and the like, but also raw power, tend to be rares. I won’t ask you to type out the list (I know what a pain that can be), though.

If it helps, I have some pretty damn good red and blues.

Fuck, Prophecy was such a fun-ass expansion. I miss rhystics…

I’ll flip through card lists in the next few days for anything that catches my eye and make a post with stuff that interests me and we’ll cross-reference.

Would you fuse shipping costs together for multiple stuff?

Yes, I’d box everything together and send you the new shipping cost.

I think in some jurisdictions it is illegal to sell your copy of Night Watch. Have you checked that out?

Oh hell, no I didn’t. I’ll look into that.

I was just kidding of course. Night Watch is probably the best of his books that I’ve read.

Definitely. I just finished it for the third time. There’s an urgency and depth to it which is absolute poetry.

Night Watch is my favorite, with the Von Lipvig titles trailing close behind. Vime sand Moist are my favorite characters, one because Vimes has such an amazing issue with self control and always doingexactly what he does not want to do, and Moist because, funny thing, he really seems the most “normal” character in the series. And That’s very refreshing, really.

Night Watch made me cry a little towards the end. It’s my favorite book next to the first two City Guard books.

Still selling stuff, btw. Anyone want all six FLCL episodes on a sliiiiiiiightly bootlegged DVD? = D

One strange thing I noticed is how most of the later books (besides for Night Watch and Going Postal) seemed to be lacklustre to me the first time I read them, but subsequent readings really helped me appreciate them. Don’t know why… perhaps because they are a bit more complex and “serious” than the first few “phases” of the Discworld.

Kagato, I might be interested in The Last Hero or the Art of Discworld… not sure I want to shell out a whole whack of cash for them though. What condition are they in?

They’re in pretty good condition. Dust Cover is a little scuffed worn from use and moving about, but that’s it. If you want, I can send you some photos.