Selling Old Video Game Magazines

Does any place actually take old video game magazines? I started saving them when I was young and now I have way too many. I think I’m probably going to have to throw them away, but I’d like to make a little off of them if I can.

if such a place exists i’d like to find it too. i saved a bunch in the hopes that the library of congress/smithsonian/something will need them in a couple decades. i have all the GMR issues before that dream died, and a bunch of cool EGM issues…even if they’re never worth anything they’re fun to look at from time to time

like one from E3 2000, complete with Dolphin, PS2, and X-BOX (“its real!!” says the cover) unveiling details, daikatana review (“its poop” says dan hsu), and cover story about a SEQUEL to tony hawk for the 64!! woah!!!

I’m curious if you have any Nintendo Powers in that collection of yours?

I’m also curious to know where you live, what time you go to sleep, and if you own anything else of value like a PS360 or something? >.>

Always worked for me.

If you have any really old Nintendo Power, I actually know a guy whom I think was looking for some, though I haven’t asked recently.

I might be interested depending on what magazines they are and how much y’ask for them.

I used to have a couple of really old Nintendo Power magazines that I kept because they had hints to BoF2 and Lufia 2. Damn, they were old.

Gamepro convinced me BoF2 was a good game.

It was a good game for it’s time! It would be even better if Capcom bothered to fix the translation for the GBA remake!

I used to have almost all of the first 100 issues of Nintendo Power. However, I got rid of them a long time ago since I got a Playstation.

Thanks for all the replies! I don’t think the hassle of trying to sell over a hundred magazines online is worth it so I’ll probably end up throwing them away anyway. Considering like a third of my magazines aren’t in that great shape, I probably wouldn’t have gotten a lot of money anyways.

Also, many of my old magazines are Nintendo Power issues.

BahamutXero, did you just throw your magazines away?

Heh, I admit it had character. I’m actually fond of the game (more specifically, the presentation and the story), but i don’t think I’ll plow through all these battles again.

Sadly yes, but any info I wanted to retain, I jotted down in notebooks which I’m sure are in the trash now too. The only thing that I really miss the Link to the Past comic.

I’ve got about 5 years worth of EGM (I bought them straight for two years from 1998 and 1999, then two years of subscription 2004-2005 and brought a years worth from 2000, about 5 years worth of OPM magazines from 1998-1999, and 2002-2005-ish. I got gamepro magazines from a 1993 subscription, and a 1994-1995 subscription to Video Games. I’ve also got a year’s worth of Game Informer from 2004, and the odd EGM2/Xpert Gamer lying around.

I think I still have my old Nintendo Power magazines around… this was from pre-SNES days through to the first days of the N64. I’d have to hunt for them though.

That beats my collection starting from issue 48 going to 102 taking a break till 152 and all the way to today with one exception earlier this year (at least I know where they are). Thought the only reason I still collect them anymore these days is for the official artwork (and even then…).

I also have exactly one EGM lying around as well.

I still have most of my Nintendo Power magazines, starting with Sept-Oct 1990 issue featuring Maniac Mansion review. May 2006 NP is the last issue in my library. I also have a bunch of Playstation mags with demo discs included. I thought about selling this “treasure”, but then I decided to leave it for posterity. :wink:

Man I used to love NP… this was before the Internet, when the only news I ever got of games was those little bundles of joy. I used to play games vicariously by reading strategies and things. Considering I generally got one or two games a year, that was it for me. :sunglasses: Ah, the innocence of youth…

“When I was as young’un, we damn sure didn’t have these new-fangled shrines or GameFAQs, dag-nabbit!”

Good lord, finding your way through Shadowgate was a half-miracle with the english skills of an 8-year-old. (And I’m a Finn.) Good thing our local NP clone solved some problems.