Selling Games Again..

I’m in need of some cash again. Here’s what I got…

Xenogears - Original Black Label, non greatest hits. Great condition discs, only just a small crack on the back of the box. $40.

Gradius V - Great condition, does not include soundtrack. $35.

Legend of Zelda: Four Swords (Gamecube) - Great condition as well, complete. $12.

Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne - First Edition printing (with the logo on the bottom center) but does not unfortunately include the soundtrack. Otherwise, great condition as well. $50.

Ogre Battle 64 - I hate to put this up, but I rarely play it anymore. Cartridge Only. $20.

Thunderforce V - I had to clean the disc just to get it working properly, but it does just that now: works properly. I can’t find a price range on this, honestly… I’ll have to inquire around…

Guilty Gear X2 - Also something I don’t want to part with, but with the release of Accent Core, I’m not going to get a lot of two-player action on it anymore. Not sure of price range, I had originally bout it for a good buck, though…

Parasite Eve 1 and 2. Parasite Eve 1 is in pretty good condition, does not include the FF8 bonus disc, some cracks on the case. Parasite Eve 2 is in the slim casing, but is complete. Will sell both for $15 together.

Guilty Gear Isuka - Only got it for the color edit mode. Otherwise, plays great, not sure if the manual is in it or not. $25.

Questions, offers, etc, post here, send a pm, IM, anything.


If you want photos of the products, let me know and I’ll ask a friend if I can borrow his digicamera

Ogrebattle 64: That’s Persons of Lordly Calibur?

Yep. Person of Lordly Caliber.

I’d like Nocturne, but I don’t know if I can get the money together. I’ll let you know this weekend.

I’d kill for xeno and ogre… but alas. I am poor. :thinking:

Help a brother out? Need a better offer?

I’ll take Nocturne! :smiley:

Alright, it looks like I’ll take Nocturne. Paypal alright?

Why are you selling your games?

I’m selling them so I can get through the year. I took out a student loan for 4k. But I only get half a semester. I used about half of that at Best Buy getting a new computer, a decently priced mp3 player, and some much needed hardware for school. I used around 400 of it for rent, 150 for utilities, spent a good deal on the rest on food and CD’s, little “perks”. I had to quit my job a while later because it was conflicting with midterms and I wasn’t getting hardly any schoolwork done. Then here comes a few new books and music supplies I needed to buy that I wasn’t expecting, and now I don’t have enough right now to pay utilties and rent for December coming up. So I’m selling what I can part with and stoving it until I get the second half of the loan in Janurary (or I get some free time to do some relief work at some store or another.)

Some of the games I can part with because I don’t have time for most of them anymore, or I’ve beaten the hell out of them more than a trailer park woman in a racist country song. I can retire GGX2 now; a few nights ago I beat a friend of mine’s Baiken with Kliff five times in a row. His gameplan has always countered with mine and I had never beaten his until that night, so I can sell it off with no regrets. And if I ever wanted some 2Player action, I know six people close by who have a copy of it anyways.

So I’m just needing the dough for housing, gas, and food that my meal plan doesn’t cover. There’s only a good four solid weeks of school left anyways down here.

I’m doing paypal; I’ll PM you the address Terran. Sorry Sonydvd, I never did hear back from you.