OK, so the deal is, I need some recent photos (I.E. past couple of weeks) of myself for this thing in college. They’ve also got to look good. Now since I haven’t got any I decided I’ll just take one now.

Two hours later and here I am still doing it, every single one of my pictures look fucking stupid and/or shouldn’t be used even as a form of punishment.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I need tips on how to take photos in which the camera doesn’t hate me. Luckily I’ve got till Monday to do it so if worst comes to worst I could always get it done professionally, but I’d rather not spend money on it.

My main problems are, because I’m taking them myself I can’t see where the camera’s pointed since I don’t have much experience with them, I could try a mirror but it looks really cam-whoreish. Also I can’t look natural at all like other people seem to.

I’d appreciate any help at all.

Have someone else take it.

Make sure you have good lighting, and don’t do it digitally. If you do, make sure you have REALLY bright lights, man.

Well yeah, that’s what I’d normally do, but since no-one’s really supposed to know about it since it’s a surprise thing, I don’t want to raise any questions. Most of the people I know get curious about the slightest things.

Put your camera on a surface, turn it on a timer, and just keep trying shots until you get into it.

What xelo and hades said. And it might take a few tries. And by a few I mean many. I’ve been taking a few pics of myself recently (on request :stuck_out_tongue: No stupid jokes plz kthx :P) Best tthing is a digital camera with timer and lots of lights. If the lighting isn’t good it’ll take a bit of photoshopping (fade correction, saturation, sharpening/ clarification and all that), but it’ll be ok in the end. Try out poses in front of the mirror first so you got it more or less memorized and are able to do it in less than ten seconds. :stuck_out_tongue: It’ll take some time but I guess it will look okay in the end.

go into town, hand your camera to a stranger, have them take a photo.

Do what GM says, just make sure they’re not gonna run off with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Use some lighting, but DO NOT use fluorescent lights. Flurorescent lights have this habit of bringing out blemishes and casting odd shadows and tones. Try using one or two light sources, one a little bit in front of you and one off to your left or right side. Keep them a moderate distance away, as you don’t want to over expose yourself.

After you take the picture, bring it into Photoshop and use the CloneStamp or AirBrush to get rid of any blemishs. You can also use other tools to get rid of “red eye” and bad reflections. Use Brightness/Contrast and Colour Balancing to spiffy it up a bit, and maybe toss a Photo Filter on it to warm it up or cool it down.

What’s the thing and why does no one have to know about it? It seems kinda silly if its a thing for college but no one knows about it. I doubt everyone you know is that enthusiastic about having pics of you :P.

I would surgest using Natural Light if Possible, But Since it’s winter here in the UK, and sun doesn’t do justice: Use the “proper” lightbulbs to raise the Amiance Light. If You were closer to me I would do it.

If you were a girl, you may use light amount of make up for "Natural"shots but only to complement. Anyway, have a wash if your skin is greasey and make sure you dryed your face properly.

If I had time I could Talk about Dark Room stuff.

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Yellow Pages. There’s professionals out there.

Get a friend to do it if it’s a surprise for the family.

Well THANKS :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, thanks for the tips people, they helped quite a bit actually.