Selan = homewrecker

It shoulda been Tia and Maxim. >:[


Lufia 2.

Well he’s blatently wrong.

She pretty much did steal Maxim away from Tia though.

But she’s undeniably cooler.


Whatever dude! Selan is always like rawrawrawr and always stirring up trouble! Tia had dibs and she was conservative. Did you see that hoochie outfit Selan was wearing throughout the game?

Well, yeah. Maxim was all “Wow, this girl really puts out. None of this ‘wait till we’re married’ crap I have to put up with with Tia.”

Tia seemed like a bit of a control freak if ya ask me.

Selan was much more of a control freak than Tia and she would always try to find ways to be offended and yell at Guy. I didn’t hear Tia ever smack talking to Guy, did you? Hmmmm??? AND she’s a bad mother.

How is she a bad mother? She had the power to fight, so she used it. She COULD have stayed at home with ehr child, but that wouldn’t have done as much good as venturing out to stop the evil that threatened the lfie of ehr child. She did what she thought was best - and it was.

I didn’t want to have to resort to this, but I guess I must

If THAT’s not a bad mother, I don’t know what is!

…You win.

Selan and Maxim were tragic and ultimately, selfish lovers. They chose to leave their child at the end of the world- granted they stopped it, but deprived their son the right to know and love his parents. Sometimes, a child’s love and happiness means more than anything else that is threatening at any given moment.

Well that’s my analysis. At first I couldn’t stand Tia as well, but grew to despise Selan for the reasons stated above. I’m not a fan of selfish love and that’s exactly what her relationship with Maxim portrayed. I would have liked to see Tia put the moves on her red headed hunk or at least shack up with Dekar for awhile.

I just don’t get why they couldn’t escape. I mean, they’ve demonstrated being able to leap a square or two in the past, and there’s plenty of space for falling and moving closer. Maxim picks up Selan, jumps, same as Guy and Artea. Groups establish contact, warp spell. Everyone lives. Maxim didn’t learn about the crystals until everyone else was gone, so he didn’t have an excuse (besides it being risky) to not make the leap of faith.

It’s because Selan is WEAK and RETARDED. She can’t even cook, unlike Tia who can even make Phantom Fish taste all right. ;x

Maxim shouldn’t have gotten with Selan because since he died at Doom Island, he wouldn’t have had time to have a kid with Tia. Then the Sinistrals would’ve returned and killed everyone 100 years later (or what was left after the nuclear winter Doom Island would’ve generated by crushing Parcelyte).

Dude, wasn’t there a Swing Wing? Couldn’t Guy or Artea have just thrown one over?

Quote Sohee “Well, yeah. Maxim was all “Wow, this girl really puts out. None of this ‘wait till we’re married’ crap I have to put up with with Tia.””
I thought Maxim and Selan got married?

How were Maxim and Selan selfish lovers? No doubt Gades would’ve found them and beat the shit out of them in revenge (and had he found the kid, probably would’ve killed him too) once he revived.

Because they chose each other and their fight over staying at home with their child. You can’t tell me that they didn’t get off on the thrill of venturing out and saving the world ~together~.