Seiken Densetsu: New games.

Apparently, they’re making not one, but two new Seiken Densetsu games.
Not to mention World of Mana (Wich I think will be SD4…)

I just want Secret of Mana on my NDS, still. :bowser:

I thought Legend of Mana (ps) was SD4.

Nintendo needs to get Square-Enix to get their stuff out!
The sale of a DS depends on it!

(wondering if when remaking Secret of Mana will contain the stuff said to have been cut from the original release to fit the cart)

Might been the 4th game of the Mana series, but apparently it wasn’t the 4th Seiken Densetsu. Aka, it doesn’t follow SoM and SD3’s timeline.

That is good news, just as long they are not Sword of Mana quality. I don’t want to deal with another SD game where the heroes keep on saying “I will get revenege on X for killing boss A and boss B (even so you fought the bosses and figure they were evil until they died from Deathjester).”

A lot of it though is based on the game being remake of an old GB game though. It still has a lot of old parts.

I’m more looking forward to DS4. I’m hoping it’ll have multiplayer. That was the best part of Secret of Mana.

The thing is, I really like Final Fantasy Adventure a lot, but the remake just doesn’t live up to the original.

I Like the Multi player on SD2 and SD3 roms, My syster is slowly is converting to RPGs.

It was a prequel to their timeline. It was at least 1000 years before Secret of Mana.

I thought they Did not follow each other, relations is more like FF 1-X.

They do, they’re just VERY far apart.

I hope it’s 2D…no 3D please. One will probably be a handheld and the other console…I am just guessing.

SD has a timeline? How do you fit SD2, where the Mana Tree was actually the final form of a woman from that extinct tribe, with SD3 where the Mana Tree is the more traditional bigass-wise-life-sustaining tree.

Legend of Mana clears all of that up by stating that the Mana Goddess, who is the spirit of the Tree, is slain and thus possesses and takes the form of physical humans for a long time, like the woman in SD2, until her spirit regains the strength without the use of Darkness to recreate an actual tree, which finally happens in SD3, or something very much like that.

Suddenly this makes sense… so the Flammies-turned-evil (Wyrms) described in LoM would be the Mana Beasts… but they were extinct in SD2, whereas they were only sealed in SD3…

And what’s the Sword then? Since it’s just a Mana Artifact in both LoM and SD3, but a real weapon in SD2.

BTW, did you read the LoM manga?

The Mana Sword was created by the Mana Godess for Pokiehl, her Knight-Poet and favoured wisdom, and as far as I know, is an actual weapon, just unwieldable to most.
I’ve read the first volume, and am still working on getting my hands on the Japanese versions of the others to teach myself Kanji while reading them, I hope.

Am I the only one that believe every of those games are somewhat semi-unrelated in timeline?

No where in Sword of Mana/FFA there’s mention of a Mana Forteress. There is no mention of god-beast in all games but SD3. They just throw in new stuff everygames. Kinda ala Zelda. They take bases. Tree, sword, godess, 8 elements. Mix it, get a Mana game.

Yeha, I think there are way too many holes in there to call it a continuity. Although I should mention, SD2 has records of an ancient war against the 8 Mana Beasts and The last boss is a Mana Beast

Sword of Mana, as far as I know, is a non-canon remake of SD1. SD2 and 3 both refer to mana beasts, and Legend of Mana is before the mana beasts were created. The Mana Fortress was a one-game thing, I think. They aren’t so much in a continuity as the same universe with some character ties. For example, Niccolo and Daina lead to Nikita, after a lot of generations..