Seiken Densetsu 3 Party

I think this thread has been done before…but what the heck.

My Party:

Kevin:Warrior Monk
Hawk: Nightblade (duh!)

Angela with Kickass spells, Kevin with super strength and healing spells, and Hawk the Nightblade with great skills and a wicked full screen Tech.

I also like Hawk as the Wanderer. His tech is amazing. Who doesn’t like to see a guy throw a rose and then go nuts?

Hawk: Ninja Master
Angela: Grand Devina
Duran: Gladiator

It’s been so long since I played it I honestly forget why I chose those classes.


Still haven’t second class changed yet.

I remember they took bloody ages, what with the collecting seeds thingy you had to do. I nearly gave up after not getting what i wanted for about three hours.

I need to finish that game…

My current party is Duran, Lise and Angie.

My next…Kevin, Hawk and Carlie. :hahaha;

I remmeber it has like three different variations on the final scenes and final boss depending on who you choose. Owie. I gotta play through it two more times…

Originally posted by Pierson
I remmeber it has like three different variations on the final scenes and final boss depending on who you choose. Owie. I gotta play through it two more times…

And that is precisely the reason why I’ll… err…

I mean, That’;s why I’ll never play SD3. I’m way too obsessive about these things.

I liked a Death Hand (Kevin) Nightblade (Hawk) and Starlancer (Lise) party, screw magic, just go out there and PWN

Lise: Star Lancer
Carlie: Necromancer
and either Hawk (Nightblade), Kevin (Dervish) or Duran (Duelist).

With that party, you can kick the Archdemon’s ass in a couple of mins (stat up + stat down + kickass attack power = archdemon crying).

I don’t even think I got to the first promotions. I had the sword guy, the healer girl, and the wizard girl. I wanted to keep my party like it was in SoM.

Group 1:
Duran - Paladin
Carlie - Bishop
Angela - Grand Devina

Duran kicks ass with Saint Saber and Flashing Sword, while being able to perform emergency healings (not that I’d need to, with everyone on level 64), Carlie heals everybody, toasts the undead and protects everyone against harmful magic, and Angela blows up the rest with her cool spells. Between spells, the girls dish out some punishment with their special attacks. The Saber spells are very useful against the God-Beasts. Last, but not least, Double Spell! This combo will prove very useful, as long as you don’t forget to stock up on Magic Walnuts.

Group 2:
Lise - Vanadis
Hawk - Wanderer
Kevin - God Hand

Now this group is a piledriver! If you think surviving a Light Shot Spear attack is difficult, how about that plus a Byakko Shockwave? This group basically kicks everything’s butt on sight.
And to make things more interesting, Lise can boost their stats, while Kevin can pump up his attack, not to mention wolf out and smash everything.
Hawk has a collection of spells you’ll find quite handy. Both he and Kevin with Aura Wave… I’ll let you figure out how many Byakko Shockwaves you can toss in a minute… :stuck_out_tongue: His other spells are also useful, especially Poison Bubble. And of course, Half Vanish… If you’re not in the mood to fight, for a while, and just want to get to the deeper chambers, make the whole party invisible… :stuck_out_tongue:

<img src=“”> Kevin as a Dervish (dark + dark) for maximum offensive power.
Angela as a Rune Master (dark + light) for access to stronger elemental spells and the Death spell.
Carlie as a Bishop (light + light) for the best healing and access to saber spells, especially Saint Saber. Turn undead isn’t too shabby either.

Heh, for a second I thought that someone was having a cosplay party or something with an SD3 theme. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve actually never gotten far enough in SD3 to make it to a class change, but it’s on my to-do list.

Hawk - Nightblade
Lise - Dragon Master
Carlie - Necromancer

The Necromancer title is deceiving; Carlie has Demon Breath and Heal Light and both of them have like 0.5 second cast times.

Party above…

You really should reconsider your Dragon Master into Star Lancer, since you can double the stat-down effect of Necromancer’s Black Curse.

About Vanadies… well everyone knows it sucks. Manus Dei, Lise’s best class is Star Lancer no doubt for whatever group that has either Carlie or Hawk… I could understand Dragon Master, since you may use single targeted stat down spells to bosses, but your party always has 3 members and you always need to make the stat up to everyone. Really, Vanadies sucks… The other group would be understandable if Duran was a Duelist–best attack power in the game + Dark Saber (Bishop has Saint Saber already…). There’s no need for Heal Light nor Saint Saber again.

Actually, I only got Dragon Master because the title looked cool and she could summon Jorgumund :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh. Someday I’m gonna replay this game and find out what I missed.

Oh, and TD? My imp can beat your imp. :stuck_out_tongue: