Seiken Densetsu 3, I'm lost please help

After the cannon shot me to the highlands near the beginning of the game, I somehow managed to wonder and end up getting stuck in front of Jad 3 barrels by a bridge, Waterfall town just burnt down, and Temple of Light with no head priest and no useful information. No matter which way I go, I can’t seem to find my way back to the highlands, what am I doing wrong? I keep getting back to Rabite Forest and can’t find the next zone. I spent nearly 5 hours of game play time and read about 10 walkthroughs, they all say the same thing to find a hole from the highlands but I can’t even find the highlands. :boring:

Which scenario are you doing? You have your three characters yet? I’m not quite sure which part you’re at with the information provided.

Are you looking for some sage by the name of Don Something or other? If you are you need to look around the forest for a gargoyle statue near a save statue and use the hammer.

Hopefully that should make sense since I don’t think I could make it any clearer.