seiken 3 ...dolan 2:nd time ???

My problem is that i cant reach the door in the topfloor of moon beast tower…
There is some bars in front the stairs to reach the boss door in the middle(dolan 2:nd time)?
(hawk angela charlie-team) whats wrong…?

Charlie is the problem. Kill whoever the fuck that is and Carlie.

Actually, you’ve missed something you needed to do. Since I don’t know what all you’ve done, I can’t pinpoint exactly what, but you should go back through the castle and the forest and look for thigns you could have missed.

I havent been playing the game for 2 years i forgot i had already killed him…:slight_smile:
That explain the bars…The archdemon is a little for bite…

Once Dolan is done, you can’t ever go onto the balcony again.